TP-Link TL-WR740N Ver:4.2


I came across this device from the OpenWRT trunk list recently, it runs on Atheros 933x@400Mhz with 4/32MB Flash/RAM size, the switch chip seem vlan capable.
It was selling at about RM50 something only, really not bad with such a spec Smile, so I just bought 1 to test on OpenWRT trunk build ....


Company: TP-Link



Stock Firmware/Utilities/Manual :


OpenWRT :

Firmware (trunk) : (use "xxx-tl-wr740n-v4-xxxx")

Factory to OpenWRT :Via webgui, use "xxx-factory-xxx.bin"

Revert to Factory : Via FailSafe mode (QSS button), use stock firmware file with "xxx-up-xxx.bin"

Confirmed FailSafe mode through QSS button works on Trunk R30919 while I was testing the UniFi

19Mar2012 : Managed to get internet vlan.500 PPPoE works ok, still unable to get IPTV vlan.600 working ........ Innocent

Click the following for :

Flash to OpenWRT (Trunk version) & Install LuCI Webgui

Setup UniFi

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