ASUS RT-N13U-B1 (OpenWRT - Ralink RT305x)


My first ASUS OpenWRT testing on this little Ralink toys Tongue out


Thanks & credits go to this expert sifu Smile : https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=184365 .

  • Download the above AA rc1 build
  • Use the stock ASUS Firmware Restoration to flash the image (Refer HERE for some idea)
  • Follow steps from HERE to install LuCI WebGui 
  • Refer HERE for UniFi setup Laughing
  • Follow steps from HERE to setup ExtRoot & Swap on external USB HDD
  • Follow steps from HERE to install & setup Transmission



As usual, OpenWRT is quite easy to setup ExtRoot + Swap on external HDD, nice ! Laughing


A-ha, this is my primary objective --> setup Transmission !
I just follow the same setup previously on those TP-Link devices, no problem at all.
Now can torrent gao-gao on this device with 64MB RAM + Swap enabled, nice! Cool


That's it, my RT-N13U-B1 now runs on OpenWRT to serve as another Transmission download center  Laughing





Also tested on my UniFi VIP5 for more than 2 days connected with various devices, internet, WiFi & IPTV running perfectly without any issue ! Laughing