TM UniFi

Useful links:

LowYat Net forum (currently ver.14):

Before I subscribed to UniFi in July’10, I Google around and found the above links with lots of useful information for newbie like me.
Thanks to all those LYN forum members who posted really useful information & helps, especially “Rizvanrp”, big thanks to him!!

Back then, by reading those postings, my biggest concern was the sub-quality TM’s router D-Link DIR-615 which many users have complained problems about overheated, connection issue, poor wifi signal, etc. To the extend even the TM technical staff who later installed my home UniFi admitted that the DIR-615 really give them lots of problem!!

To be honest, not to mention the sub-quality product and connection issues, I was rather unhappy on why TM-UniFi limit users from choosing their own prefer router, so my journey to search for alternative replacement started .....

The following articles identified some equipments which able to completely replace TM's DIR-615.  While users can get it to replace DIR-615, please always keep and use the DIR-615 should TM come to your house for trouble-shooting, they only know and recognise the DIR-615 !

Click HERE for some UniFi router replacement options.