I monitored the UniFi bandwidth this month March 2011, using uTorrent to download mostly movies, TV series, etc.
I just want to re-confirm whether any speed deteriorating situation occur at different hours or any cap impose by TM. Laughing


Location: Bukit Rimau, Sek32, Shah Alam
UniFi package: VIP5
BTU: Huawei HG855a
Router Gateway: MikroTik RB750 (WinBox v4.17)
PC Spec: ASUS M4A78Pro, AMD Athlon 7750 Black OC 3.0Ghz, 4G DDR2 RAM
OS : Win7 Ultimate 32Bit
Network: LAN wired
uTorrent version: 2.2 (build 23703)
Torrents source: mostly from  www1.tvboxnow.com various section

Start: ~ 3March'11
End: ~ 31March'11

Total downloaded: ~ 409GB
Total uploaded: ~ 675GB


  • It seem no speed differences at anytime
  • Sometime slow due to torrents problem
  • Was assigned a 175x IP once, speed vary, later change to IP 110x more stable and consistent
  • Apparently there is no cap, yet!
  • Overall I'm very happy !


Received a call from TM-UniFi ......

On 28March, I'm surprised someone from TM called me, she was asking me how's my UniFi, am I happy, any complaint, etc etc ... seem like doing some kind of survey I guess, hopefully not due to my heavy downloading ! Tongue out

Anywhere, when she asked me for any comment/suggestion, then I quickly mentioned:
" Please tell TM don't impose cap so soon lah, TM can still delay much later when it has millions of customers and hit bandwidth bottleneck .... furthermore TM is trying to get more subscribers, with this cap rumor going-on surely it will deter potential customers thus affect TM's business .... even want to impose, must be reasonable lah, 60GB for a VIP5 where got enough, right?! Don't you agree with me ?! "

Guess what, she was laughing and we ended our conversation peacefully! Cool












Note: Router was re-started again on 15March'11 due to power failure.

















Note: Test both uTorrent + browser download









Note: Torrents issue