Android N8000 [MTK6575]


Have not been to China for a while, recently (around end May'2012) happen to drop-by HK, was thinking to get an Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) phone since my current Sony Xperia Arc LT15i is kind of old and still running on older Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform.  (Note: Later Sony released so I upgraded to official Android 4 ICS platform Wink ).

So I went over to my regular phone shop at Sincere Podium 先達廣場, he recommended me this China-made no-brand "Android 4" phone straight away .... yes this 5" nice & cool looking white phone has no other brand/model name, just the name "Android" at the back Innocent .  Honestly when I first saw it, I was like: what the .. Surprised .. it looks just like the Samsung Note, only slightly half a cm smaller.

After playing around for a while, I'm quite surprise for few things:

  • Built quality really not bad: curving/design/material feel nicely done; back cover, battery, SIM & MicroSD insertion slots fit & smooth !
  • The MTK6575 Dual-core 1Ghz CPU is responsive!
  • The screen colour & display is really good, colour saturation is much better than those previous China-made mobile which I've seen which usually over/under exposed
  • Pre-loaded with latest Android 4 ICS, able to go Play Store download things without any issue!
  • Full features: Internal 512MB + 2GB space, MicroSD slot, Dual SIMs, GPS, WiFi+Tethering, VPN, BlueTooth, etc .... Laughing

Quite impressive I must say, so I bought one back to hotel, insert a local broadband SIM (from my HK friend) and walah, internet+PPS+YouTube+downloading gao-gao over the weekend in HK happily without any problem ! Tongue out

Googling around can easily find lots of information and YouTube about this product, eg this YouTube video (in France) show the exact phone that I bought !


Some photos

Product packaging

Complete with manual, 2 x batteries, hands-free kit, USB charger


Actual size compared to iPhone 3GS & Sony Xperia Arc LT15i


Side-by-side (size-by-size) with Sony Xperia Arc Wink


Already comes with internal 512MB + 2GB space, it offer 2 x SIM cards + another MicroSD slot --> typical standard for China-made phone ! Laughing

SIM1 for 3/4G with broadband access, SIM2 for normal GSM phone-call-only SIM card


Latest Android 4 ICS Smile
(Note: After I bought this N8000, I manage to upgrade my Xperia LT15i to ICS, also rooted it  Wink )


Screen display is really good, one of the best I've seen on those China-made phone Cool

Also I'm quite surprise with the overall finishing, the back cover feel just nice to hold the phone, pull/insert the cover is fit & smooth, just like from those branded phone manufacturer ! Cool

Analog TV with build-in antenna is also part of standard feature for China-made phone Laughing (Note: TV show not clear because it's indoor)

Access & download from Android PlayStore no problem !

Also tested some widget update no issue


Test playing PPS :

2012-06-09 00.10.44-PPS.jpg2012-06-09 00.11.02.jpg2012-06-09 00.11.16.jpg2012-06-09 00.11.52.jpg2012-06-09 00.12.12.jpg2012-06-09 00.12.30.jpg2012-06-09 00.13.00.jpg2012-06-09 00.13.21.jpg2012-06-09 00.13.39.jpg2012-06-09 00.13.52.jpg


Test playing YouTube :

2012-06-09 00.14.25-YouTube.jpg2012-06-09 00.14.42.jpg2012-06-09 00.15.06.jpg2012-06-09 00.15.21.jpg2012-06-09 00.15.41.jpg2012-06-09 00.16.01.jpg


Test GPS chipset with Google map  (around Tmn Mayang area) :

2012-06-09 14.59.52-GPS.jpg2012-06-09 15.00.09.jpg2012-06-09 15.00.24.jpg2012-06-09 15.00.36.jpg2012-06-09 15.00.47.jpg2012-06-09 15.01.00.jpg2012-06-09 15.01.12.jpg2012-06-09 15.01.24.jpg2012-06-09 15.01.36.jpg



Overall I'm satisfied with this phone, one of the toy to keep & play around for some time ! Cool