Nexus 4 by Google (manufactured by LG)

Finally, a purebreed Android phone, "geng" hardware (SnapDragon S4 Pro Quad 1.5GHz + 2G RAM) with no nonsense bloatware to replace my aging Xperia LT15i Laughing


Simple & nice packaging


Unboxing ....

Straightforward accessories, phone only 1 colour: BLACK --> my favorite color Cool

Back panel is glass, nice dotting pattern design Smile


Size comparison to my other blacky toys Tongue out


The phone itself only 2 buttons, case cannot open, build-in battery & 16GB internal storage, feel light at such a size, good to grip & just nice for my hand Smile

Micro USB port at the bottom


Booting up, only Goolge & Nexus logo !


Current latest Jelly Bean 4.2.2, nice Cool


This phone is definitely value for money compare to many phones currently available in the market.
Surely, this new toy will serve me for quite a while, before the LTE 4G become more mature & popular over here ... Wink