Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-I9082)

A reasonably priced 5" device with dual SIM cards, Dual-core 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, JB4.1.2, to replace my current Sony Tipo Dual ST21i2 Smile



Dual SIM cards phone is very importantly for me, especially when traveling overseas.
I used to carry multiple phones, about 1/2 year ago I bought the Sony Tipo Dual, thinking it was small and convenient to carry around.
However, shortly after I started to realise it was indeed too small, especially when typing text.... Yell

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, as usual I drop by Sincere Podium 先達廣場 to look-see-look-see some dual-sim devices ....
The sales guy was quick to recommend this newly launched Samsung Grand Duos for me.
After much of comparison & thinking, the spec vs price was good, so I decided to buy it ! Laughing

Phone screen is getting bigger & bigger, so better BIG than sorry later .... Tongue out


Unboxing ... (Hmmm, I noticed the box size is almost identical like the Nexus4 which I bought recently .... )

Stock accessories, comes with ear phone
I couldn't get black color, it seem like the "AP set" only got white & dark-blue .... Sealed


The phone ....

Glossy back, not so nice to hold, better get some cover.
Camera a bit pop-out, could be nicer if design it flat with body ....

This part is important for me!
Notice the 2nd SIM card slot (below the battery), luckily no need to remove battery to change sim card.
So I can swap sim card easily whenever I travel overseas, yeah! Laughing

Stock comes with JB4.1.2
Hopefully can get JB4.2 update soon .... Foot in mouth


Comparison with Nexus4 .....

I might be too sensitives, beside the actual size, I do notice some similarity with the Nexus4, starting with the box itself, then the following .... Surprised


Hope it's just coincidence, perhaps they were from same designer/factory ?! .... Innocent


Anyway, this 2 droids will accompany me for quite some time from now Cool

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