P1 Fiber


Forget about reading my bloody journey to install P1 below, read HERE to see how Pui-1 can be !! YellYell




FINALLY, for me to apply the P1 Fiber:
after 1.5 month, 3 installation (2 failed), total 10xTM installers/staff, numerous calls/complaints/hours, 1xCFM letter, 1xTM letter to P1 ....
then only it works ....  InnocentYellSealed

Somemore NO new fiber line installation & NO change of BTU, as an existing UniFi user, I have to go through all these nonsense .... Cry


Who's fault? Both P1 & TM I must say, surely TM is the biggest culprit due to it's continuous total ignorant & incompetency, always as usual ....

When will TM ever wake-up, will they? Can they?  I wonder ..... Frown


I have been using TM-UniFi since July 2010, around 2 months ago (July'2012) I saw Maxis promoting it's Fiber service (also via TM-UniFi infra) around my area, then only realised my UniFi contract reached the 2 year contract period already, yeah time to look around other option, I was telling myself ! Wink Initially I was so tempting to go for the Maxis RM138/10Mbps home package, but after researching/checking around, decided to hold on ......

Then around mid-August, just after Maxis finished the promo, I saw P1 also started it's Fiber service (still via TM-UniFi infra ...), even better, limited time promo RM99/5Mbps ForBiz package, home user can also apply !! Wink

However, when I check P1 official website, the plan said "Unlimited Quota", but FAQ 11 indicated "Yes" to FUP/Cap, also discussed at LYN forum HERE.

See below print screen on 17Aug'2012 on the contradict "Unlimited Quota with FUP/Cap" ..... :


At first I called the P1 agent to find out more, they are also not sure, worrying the promo will expire soon, the agent advised me to submit first, if not happy then don't install.
So I submitted my application, P1 called, then I asked for clarification, they said will revert.  Waited few days no response, so I called, same thing, no response/confirmation.
May be it's near Hari Raya holiday, so the application was dangling for about 2 weeks ..... Innocent

Finally, on 29Aug'2012, P1 called, this time they admitted it was a mistake and they removed the FAQ.11, I check print-screen as follow:

Confirmed the ForBiz package has no FUP/Cap, YEAHHH !! Laughing

So I confirmed the order, surprisingly P1 told me installation on 1Sep'2012, that is fast Tongue out


1Sep'2012 9:30am - P1 ForBiz Installation Day


1xP1 staff and 3xTM contractor arrived at my house on time, all young Malay guys, look professional and polite.
However, after 10mins, they said "might have some technical problem" because they thought it's a new order & installation, but I still want to use and maintain my existing UniFi-VIP5.

Since they can't pull another fiber line to my house (was told TM only allow 1 fiber line to 1 house due to fiber port limitation at my house back yard), they are trying to configure the HG850a BTU as follows:

  • HG850a LANport 1 =To=> UniFi RG (vlan.500 for Internet & vlan.600 for IPTV)
  • HG850a LANport 2 =To=> P1 RG (vlan.622 for Internet & vlan.920 for VoIP)

I can see they were busy talking to TM's technical department over the phone trying to configure the BTU to work on 2 ISPs, but after 3 hours but the LANport2 P1 still seem not working. Frown
I told them I have not decided to cancel my UniFi (yet) and I intend to keep for time being, they fully understood my requirement and tried to help out.
One of the TM senior staff told me that such scenario is uncommon to them, he admitted they have not done this before, they are doing their best to call TM's tech team to configure my requirement.....

Since they also can't do anything, they have me to sign-off the "Return form" (meaning job not completed), apologized to me and promised to follow-up my case closely.

I'm not sure how "unusual" my case is, guess to configure a UniFi-VIP5 + P1-ForBiz5 on same BTU is probably really outside the normal TM contractor capability.
Anyway, I don't blame them, 4 of them are really patient & polite throughout the few hours trying to get it works, the fact they apologized & willing to follow up internally for me means they are really responsible, I'm grateful ! Smile


They supposed to take back all the equipments, however I requested the P1 RG to stay as I really want to take a look, the P1 staff is nice to agreed but told me not to mess around Tongue out

So, this is the P1 Fiber RG, a D-Link DVG-N5412SP-A1 full GIGABIT device !! Surprised also comes with a really normal analogue phone .......

All gigabit WAN/LAN ports, 1xincoming phone port (not sure what it use for?!), 2xVoIP phone ports, 1xUSB (might be USB3?!)

Overall I'm quite impressed and satisfied with the RG provided by P1, at least it seem to me a decent & usable RG Smile, rather than the piece of DIR-615 junk from TM ... Yell
Refer HERE for the stock RG menu option.

So guess I'll have to wait for TM to response, can't wait to play/test the P1 soon ......


5Sep'2012 ~12:10am

Still no news from P1 after 3 days, but ....

Managed to "connect" the P1-ForBiz (don't ask me how!Tongue out), just did some speedtest around midnight with the following result ....

2012-09-04 23.59.18-P1-STest.jpg2012-09-05 00.01.09.jpg2012-09-05 00.02.30.jpg2012-09-05 00.03.43.jpg2012-09-05 00.04.46.jpg2012-09-05 00.06.56.jpg2012-09-05 00.08.30.jpg2012-09-05 00.09.35.jpg2012-09-05 00.13.24.jpg2012-09-05 00.17.47.jpg2012-09-05 00.26.18.jpg2012-09-05 00.31.01.jpg2012-09-05 00.32.60.jpg2012-09-05 00.33.33.jpg2012-09-05 00.36.42.jpg2012-09-05 00.38.34.jpg

Tested disconnect & re-connect few rounds, seem to always get the 42.152.xx.xx IP range, speed consider good & consistent, can get quite good download speed from most major cities around the world. Cool
Well, may be there are not many P1-Fiber users, yet ?! Innocent

Will see how it will perform once TM+P1 setup for me "officially" Tongue out


14Sep'2012 update

After more than 2 weeks, still nothing from P1, called the agent & installer, all can't do anything, also never bother to reply ... Yell

Feel rather unhappy & disappointed, called P1 1300031300 to log a report, insisted P1 to tell me whether they still can install at my place.
If yes, then give me the exact date; else I'll just cancel it.
I told the CS staff to tell his superior if P1 still doesn't want to response, I have no choice but to file my case with MCMC .....Frown


15Sep'2012 update

The next day, someone from P1 called me to confirm installation on 24Sep Foot in mouth

Worrying they might not know my "unique case" and will waste another trip, I insisted to speak with the technical just to clarify they know what to do this round.
Surprisingly, the P1 fiber technical guy is fully aware of my case, basically they can't do anything since I'm still using UniFi.  Apparently it's TM's policy that each landed house only allocate 1 fiber 1 BTU, by right P1 should be on the BTU's port2, but TM is having some issue to route to P1's gateway --> really don't know what the heck is going on between TM & P1 backend ....... Innocent

Anyway, he said TM already sorted out the issue now, but they can only come over on 24Sep, let's see whether they can deliver this round .....


24Sep'2012 update - 2nd Installation


2pm : 1xP1 representative arrived earlier
3pm: 3xTM installer arrived late

All 4 guys different person from the 1st installation on 1Sep ....

Immediately when the TM team noticed I'm an existing UniFi user, they said no problem since they have done many similar cases before, they just need to call TM's Tech team to open my existing BTU's port 2 will do, I was so happy to hear that! smilie
So confidently he called, then ask me to relax and wait.....

We chit-chat a bit here & there, then 30min past, the P1 RG still red, so the TM guy call to find out status, TM Tech said still doing ....
I started to ask normally how long, he said usually very fast, and he started to make few other calls, apparently to different/higher TM's person.

Another 1 hour gone, still nothing, the TM guy became anxiety and made more calls.....
Another 30min later, TM Tech informed said their end has open my BTU's port 2, all vlans now should be blasting through, unfortunately the P1 RG still red ...  smilie smilie

The TM installer then started his ubuntu and did some port testing, the result turns out nothing come through my end.
Except for UniFi vlans, all other vlans tested with FAIL result, so he called and started to argue with TM Tech.... and more calls .... and more calls arguing with don't-know-who over the other line .....

Until 5:30pm, my P1 still dead, and the poor P1 representative can only hold the RG watching at me, by now I'm rather a very angry man! smilie

At the same time another P1 representative, seem to be more senior and formerly with TM arrived, more calls were made, this time can see him started to screw some TM people .....

By 6:30pm, I asked them to leave smilie

After the 3 TM installer left, the P1 senior guy, who was working with TM before, told me some rather uncomfortable "insider story" & the reality ....... smilie

I'm now thinking to either cancel my P1 application for good, or file my case with MCMC over TM's total ignorant, incompetency, suspicious bad motive with bad intention to sabotage existing UniFi user from applying other provider ...... smilie


25Sep'2012 - File Complaint with CFM


Fed-up and piss-off by TM, I've decided to pen-down a rather heavily worded complaint letter to CFM, I named both P1 & TM (as the main culprit) in my case, follow by all the above hassle I've gone through, and yet TM still refuse to open my BTU's port2 for P1.

So I emailed, then spoken & explained my case detail to one of the CFM officer, I'm not surprise when the officer said that I'm not the only one suffered due to TM's fault ..... Yell

I told the CFM officer I'm dead serious, not only TM has disobey SKMM's codes & "FairPlay" policy, they continue to hide behind the intended provider (P1) with intention to sabotage.
As the regulatory body, CFM must investigate this irregularity immediately and to punish TM severely if necessary.

The officer acknowledged my complaint and promised to escalate soonest possible.  Since my service provider is P1 (poor guy!), CFM will have to forward the complaint to P1 first, from there the culprit TM will emerge .....
An hour later about 3:45pm I received the following official acknowledgement:

When I reached home evening, the P1 representative called me to request for more information.  Apparently CFM has instructed P1 to response and P1 is compiling all the detail to counter-complain with TM .....

For a mere 5Mbps package application, I have to go through all these nonsense, damn bloody TM, you are such a total disgrace to be a ISP .... YellYellYellYell

Let's see what is going to happen in the next 7 working days ...... Sealed


27Sep'2012 - Surprise?! .....


Around 3pm, one of P1 officer called me while I was driving, he told me this time TM's own technical team want to come over tomorrow Friday to setup my P1-Fiber.

I told him NO unless I see a WRITTEN confirmation letter from TM to P1 that they will resolve this time, otherwise I don't want anymore installation attempt and I WON'T close my CFM case.
The P1 officer then said will relay my message to TM.

2 hours later, P1 emailed me this letter from TM to P1:

A rather standard template letter with rather lame excuses, probably been used many times before.
I really wonder just how sincere TM is "serious about delivering our services ....." Yeah right, go read my terrible journey above and say this to your face, I bet you won't do anything until we go CFM ..... Yell

Anywhere, later when the P1 officer called again, I said ok tomorrow afternoon, sigh have to take 1/2 off again .... Yell


However, when I reached home evening, suddenly I noticed the P1 RG red colour indicative (no WAN connection) is gone, tested and confirmed it's connected to internet ! Surprised

See that, the P1 RG was switch on since the last failed installation, there is no need to do anything on-site, and it's just connected after complaining to CFM !! Foot in mouth

P1, TM's installer and me, we shouldn't have to suffer like this Cry, all because TM's HQ Tech team never bother to do anything unless someone kick their butts !! YellFrown


Let's see what those TM nuts from HQ is going to cook story for me tomorrow, they better be prepared ......

28Sep'2012 - Finally .....

Around 4pm, 4xTM staff arrived on time, 2 of them young lady, seem to be polite.  I guess this is the first time I was "greeted" by 2 young lady during installation ! Tongue out
The same P1 installer also arrived minutes later, they all seem to be confident this time.  Of course la, after whacking them gao-gao ......

This round I can really see both TM & P1 working together, they were talking/discussing among themselves while checking those stuff, this round they don't need to call & scream at someone anymore!
They seem to know the internet vlan.622 is working, but I still insisted the TM staff to conduct BTU port test again to ensure line signal & quality is good before I sign-off.
After that I saw the P1 guy login to their own P1 VoIP server to configure my vlan.920 VoIP.

That's it, FINALLY my P1 ForBiz Fiber is fully running now ! Smile


Ok, installation chapter closed, let's move on to other topics ...


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