P1 Fiber (D-Link DVG-N5412SP-A1)


Barely after few days of using, I was forced to terminate P1 Fiber, read HERE to see how Pui-1 can be !! YellYell



I guess this is probably one of the decent RG I've seen so far from local ISP Smile
Full gigabit + VoIP + USB + better WiFi


D-Link DVG-N5412SP-A1

Some menu option print screen

Default login screen, I really like the colour design outlook!


Basic setup, noticed the WAN uses vlan.622 (PPPoE for internet) and vlan.920 for VoIP


VoIP account setup


Wireless setup option


LAN setup option


USB option


Some other Advanced setup as follows

DDNS can support no-ip.com nice!


Straight forward setup option, useful & no nonsense, I'm happy with this stock RG provided by P1 ! Smile

Will test this toy some once TM configure my BTU is completed, stay-tuned .....