P1 Fiber - Router Replacement Options


Barely after few days of using, I was forced to terminate P1, read HERE to see how Pui-1 can be !! YellYell

Sorry folks, don't think I'll spend any effort on replacement options for this Pui-1 services ....

P1 Fiber uses D-Link DVG-N5412SP-A1 as stock RG with the following vlans:
Vlan.622 = PPPoE Internet

Vlan.920 = VoIP


Generally, most 3 digist port-level vlan-tag capable routers should be able to replace it.
May refer to the UniFi Router Replacement option for some retail market routers which is capable of doing this. Smile

Method A: 3rd Party Router + P1 RG (for VoIP)


This method is pretty straight forward with connection diagram as follows :

I'm using a RB750 as an example above, basically any 3 digits port-level vlan-tag capable router should be able to do it, just need to create both vlans and a isolated bridge for VoIP owill do.


In addition, to make the P1 stock RG for VoIP only, need to login to the P1 RG, go to "Setup --> Internet Setup", un-tick the "Enable VLAN tagging" will do:

Click Apply, Save & Restart, then Reboot to take effect


Method B: Total Replacement


Instead of still using the stock RG as VoIP gateway, I'm thinking it might be possible to use some kind of vlan-capble ATA or a SIP phone for VoIP, the idea as follows:

Have not tested this concept yet, I believe it should work, will need to find time to research/testing further ...... Wink