P1 Fiber - Problems & Issues --> force to terminate P1 Frown


Yes, I'm terminating P1 Fiber, barely after 1 week of usage .....


After the bloody tough journey to finally installed the P1 Fiber on 28Sep'2012, now I'm facing the following problems & issues with P1 Fiber ... YellFrown

  1. P1 refused to provide my SIP account details
    • I need it to configure my own VoIP phone to connect through P1's vlan.920 to make call
    • By using my own VoIP phone, I still have to pay P1 on VoIP call charges, I'm not sure whether P1 is aware of this, or they simply thought that I won't use their VoIP .....
    • I totally have no idea what P1 is thinking, they probably don't even run their own SIP server ....
  2. Force disconnect & reconnect to renew IP on daily basis, even on P1 Fiber ForBiz package!
    • When I sign-up, P1 never inform or in any written statement indicating such annoying daily interruption --> this is my main reason to terminate P1 !!
    • This issue is also widely discussed at LowYat Net forum HERE .
    • Such annoying daily interruption is the worst action a ISP can do to it's customer, for me it's totally unwanted & unwelcome action!
    • Unless P1 do something, like renew/refresh over the weekend, I simply don't pay to be interrupted daily !! Frown
  3. ...

I have been complaining yet complaining many times on the above issues, to the extend yelling at them....
Unfortunately after 1 week, there is NO response from P1 at all. Yell
This is how ridiculous and how bad their services are, totally ignorant and never bother to response, yet another "tiada-apa" service attitude in Malaysia telco industry. Yell

I have enough over the P1 Fiber total nuisance & bullshit, they don't seem to attend to customer's complaints & requests, they simply don't bother to resolve problems created by them !! Yell

I've just emailed to those P1 monkeys and ask for immediate termination of my account.
Even until I ask them to terminate my account, after 2 days P1 still never bother to response .... really a nonsense ISP YellYell

So folks, if you are thinking about P1 Fiber, unless you can take the above issues + bear with the "tiada-apa" & never bother to response/resolve issues, you seriously want to think again other alternatives ....


9 Oct 2012 Tue

After I posted this article yesterday, around noon time while I was driving, someone from P1 called, Mr.A, claim to be from Level2 support (who really cares how many level P1 has ?! Yell)
He pretend to know my case, but after talking to him for few minutes, I know P1 is playing yet another round of "tai-chi-delaying" game, shxx I'm telling myself ... Yell

Just imagine these are the things he asked/responded:

On my SIP detail request:

P1 : "So you want your SIP account?"
Me: "Yes!"
P1 : "Sure I can give you .... so you want the IP right?"
Me: " ..... <stunt for a while>Sealed .... if I give you just the SIP IP, can you connect?"
P1: " ..... <silent> ....."
Me: "You have to provide me all the SIP detail so I can try to setup my own VoIP connecting through your vlan.920 trunk, understand?"
P1: ...... <honestly, from here onwards I seriously don't understand any single word he is trying to explain, all kind of bull + cock stories/reasons Yell> ....
For sure 1 thing, he is definitely not sincere to give me my SIP details, just merely trying to brush off me, what a moron Yell

Obviously, after going through all these nonsense, as a angry man, I @#@%^*)*[email protected]#@# him gao-gao .....

On the daily force IP renewal : (this is the best bullshit of all!)

Me: "Ok no SIP for me, FINE! What about the daily force IP renewal nuisance! What's the remedy action?"
P1: "Oh, on this, actually you can walk into 1 of our authorised center to apply fixed IP, then can solve the problem la!"
Me: Totally stunt, speechless, almost skid off the road .... Surprised

I've seen many morons before, this one certainly a collector item Foot in mouth
For such a long time, I'm able to keep myself cool when face with idiotic situation, but not for this hot afternoon, not for this "impressive" moron anymore .....
Needless to say, I F*** [email protected]#[email protected]$%^$%^&%[email protected]#$%$#^$#%^ him gao-gaox2, and told him go read my numerous complaints first to fully understood my issues before harassing & bullshitting me again, then hang up the phone! Yell


Later in the evening, a soft spoken P1 CS officer called, this time he is trying to arrange a concall :

Me: "Con-call with who? If with that Mr.A again, NO !!"
P1 CS: "Not with Mr.A, it's with one of the head and some tech team"
Me: "Are they fully aware of my case, nature of complaints & request? I don't want to waste time & I don't want to use P1 anymore if they cannot come up any resolution, understand?"
P1 CS: "Sure sir, they will have resolution for you! So what time are you available tomorrow?"
Me: "Ok 3:30pm"
P1 CS: "Ok they will concall with you tomorrow 3:30pm!"

Let's see what P1's resolution tomorrow .....


10 Oct 2012 Wed 3:30pm

Someone from P1 called, yes only 1, not any con-call as promised earlier, yet another Pui-1-big-liar ..... Yell

Mr.T, seem to be the head of P1 Fiber, seem to know my issues & request.
But after few minutes, immediately I noticed instead of providing any resolution, in fact he is trying to understand more about my requirement ..... holy crap, yet another round of "tai-chi-delaying" game tactic .... YellYell

Trust me, forgive them, so I spent another 1/2 hour to tell him what was going on, what's the issues & mistakes created by P1, blablabla ..... Sealed

Basically after 30mins, no resolution, P1 still refuse to give my SIP account, P1 still will not resolve the daily force IP renewal nuisance YellYellYell

I told him what I have to tell him, he said he is waiting for their tech team to evaluate the impact, no timeline given either ..... Yell

So folks, I'm back to square 1, this is P1 Innocent


For me, since 6Oct, I have already email notified P1 to terminate my account and I've unplug the P1 connection physically from the BTU, period.


14 Oct 2012 Sun


Until now 14Oct, not only P1 refused to response & resolve their issues since my complaint on 28Sep, they don't even bother to response my email to request for termination dated on 6Oct !! YellYell

As I'll be traveling out of country and worrying P1 will bill me, I called this afternoon insist them to terminate my account.
At first, the P1 billing department is trying to play tai-chi delay game again, I have to raise my voice to warn P1 that if they still ding-dong delay and refuse to terminate my account, I promise I'll certainly forward my case to CFM when I'm back !
Only then the P1 billing staff is activating the termination process ...... Yell

Can you imagine, not only P1 refuse to response/resolve those issues, they simply ignore my request to terminate account, and I have to waste time to call & force them to cancel ...

I also warn P1 do not ever charge me anything, if they do, I'll certainly forward my case to CFM and P1 better prepare to answer the following :

  1. When I sign-up P1 Fiber ForBiz, P1 did not inform or in any written form notify me about the daily force IP renewal which cause direct interruption to our daily business.
    • By not informing customer upfront (especially for business user) on such unreasonable daily interruption, this amount to misrepresentation
    • After I complained to P1, P1 in at least in 2 occasion suggested me to apply and pay for the fixed IP service --> this prove that by designing the daily force renew and by not informing customer upfront, P1 has clear intention to con/cheat customer later on to pay for extra services  --> this is a downright misrepresentation with sole intention to cheat ! Surprised
    • Apparently, there is no other ISP here or around the world practice such unreasonable and daily IP renewal on dynamic customer
  2. P1 refused to provide my SIP Account detail for me to use on my own VoIP phone
    • P1 is nothing more than just another ISP, P1 has no right to refuse when customer request for their own information such as PPPoE (for internet), SIP (for VoIP), IPTV, etc
    • P1 has no right to stop customer to use their own equipments, including Router Gateway, VoIP phone, etc
    • After I complained to P1, one of their P1 Fiber head is trying to propose another VoIP services to me --> this raise another suspicious motive on why P1 refuse to provide my SIP account detail
    • In summary, P1 must provide all detail information to customer after installation and should not hold certain of it then later trying to con/cheat customer to subscribe another pay services

I've seen & probably can tolerate minor degree of overselling tactic, but P1 Fiber simply took this too far, I personally definitely cannot tolerate such downright total unscruplus and unethical bad business motive intention !! Frown

This is really downright a Pui-1 (spit at) ISP, this is how disgraceful P1 can be! Yell

Anyway, my chapter with P1 now closed, just move-on, I'm now fall-back to the devil I know (TM-UniFi) Sealed for time being until I find another better alternative .....



15 Oct 2012 Mon


A day after I called to terminate my account, P1 responded:

  1. On my SIP request - they only provide user ID & password, no SIP server IP ....
  2. On the daily force IP renewal - P1 said "they are stabilizing the auto IP renewal which will take effect on 16Oct" --> I have no idea what does that means ...Innocent...


I replied and indicated that my home office is no longer interested, meaning I'll proceed with termination regardless what happen, imagined after gone through nightmare since 28Sep .....
However, for another new office nearby which I'm currently using P1-4G, I might consider only if P1 can fully resolved the above issues and willing to offer the ForBiz promo to us once TM commission the fiber backend service around Nov/Dec. Undecided

Honestly, this is my first time subscribing both P1 4G & Fiber, whether it's my last, it's entirely up to P1. Sealed