TP-Link Routers

Currently my most favourite choice of router for DD-WRT !!  Some key reasons:

  • Atheros base - currently the most popular & market leader!
  • Good platform features, frequent new product launch & improvement.
  • The stock firmware is quite comprehensive & stable.
  • Currently one of the most popular brand supported by DD-WRT, able to flash from low-end draft-N like the TL-WR741ND right up to high-end Gigabit 3x3 MIMO like the TL-WR1043ND.
  • Easy to flash DD-WRT through web gui, also easy to find web revert file for flashing back to original stock firmware.
  • The cheapest & most affordable in the market!

Devices supported by DD-WRT as of  8May2011 r16994 build:

Go get one now to experience and unleash the router's power through DD-WRT !!


My TP-Link DD-WRT devices:


TP-Link Factory Firmware Simulator