Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphones  (Made in China)

China-made "A-货" Cool

There are many variants, this are just normal "A-graded", according to my supplier there are even better "AA-graded" items ..Surprised..
Sound & built quality not bad, in fact is considered quite good already for such a low price ..Laughing..

Unboxing photos, enjoy ! Cool
(I already opened & tested the items before buying)

Watch photo video from YouTube : Smile

 Or watch here if unable to access YouTube :

At the supplier's shop in China, all kind of fake stock for local market ...Surprised... (using phone camera so some pictures not so clear ...)

Also got some serious AA-stuff ...Cool...


I know the supplier well, so they allow me to test until I decide which one to buy Tongue Out ... bought this 3 units during my July'13 trip ...