China Xi'an Trip : Central Plain Chinese Civilization  中原中华文明之地  (2014 Dec)

Time to visit one of the greatest civilization with thousand years of history & archaeological discoveries on this planet Cool

Cities :

ZhengZhou, KaiFeng, XinMi, DengFeng, LuoYang, LingBao, Xi'an
郑州, 开封, 新密登封, 洛阳, 灵宝西安

Places visited (6~13 Dec 2014)


YouTube Video 1/4 (6~7 Dec): Departure & Arrival


YouTube Video 2/4 (8~9 Dec):


YouTube Video 3/4 (10~11 Dec):


YouTube Video 4/4 (12~13 Dec):



YouTube Video Playlist (4 videos)




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