!! coollaughing To true Malaysian who still care & love our flag, see you all there this weekend laughingcool !!

Install the following essential apps on your mobile :

PlayStore - Prime App

(in case that dying CheatKor chicken deploy signal jammer, this FireChat app doesn't require data, it use WiFi to link those around you and create mesh network) 

Bloody chicken block Bersih websites, again frown
Consider using the following free proxy to by-pass blocking :




In case hit by Tear Gas

  1. Hold your breath.
  2. Do not touch tear gas canisters, as they can be very hot.
  3. Close your eyes if possible (or put on goggles/sunglasses if you have them).
  4. Leave the area as quickly as possible; move to high ground if possible.
  5. Don’t panic – breathe as little as possible, close your eyes, leave the area.
  6. Take out your contact lenses or wash your glasses if you wear either.
  7. You may need to rinse your eyes – use LOTS of bottled water.
  8. Air out your clothes – walk with your hands outstretched; change clothes if you can.
  9. Wash your hands.
  10. Keep your clothes dry.
  11. Take a shower as quickly as possible.
  12. Wash your clothes separately.

 Be there, walk peacefully to display & honor our true flag, cheers cool



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