Many may not aware of, Malaysia is one of few countries in the world which does not recognise Israel.  We don't have any formal foreign relation with Israel, our passport is free to travel all countries EXCEPT Israel.  Unless Israel stop geonocide against the Palestine people and obey the UN resolutions, Malaysia will not recognise Israel and will continue to stand for Palestine.


Despite the difference between the political parties in Malaysia's parliament, one issue that unites them all is Palestine's struggles.


This is how Israel land-grab with the backing of US for more than half a century by killing thousands of innocent Palestine people, until now forcing about 3 million of them into tiny area, akin to operate world largest open-prison by continous torturing/killing until no more Palestine people 😖  

History event for the past 3000 years.


Zionist controlled most western media, spreading untrue one-sided story but completely silent over how Israel genocidal campaign against innocent Palestine civilians for more than half a century.




Déjà Vu, hell-chosen indeed 👿☠️

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