More than 3 weeks later, now they said it was "Good night Malaysian three seven zero" and not "All right, good night" as mentioned earlier Surprised

Hello Malaysian authorities, can you read/interpret how different can these 2 sentences mean? Especially when the plane disappeared right after someone said "Goodnight 370" ?  How much more information you intend to confuse/contradict/hide people ?   It's so frustrated to continue seeing so many contradict & confused stories/announcements by our incapable & inconsistent Malaysian authorities Yell

Even after Najib announced the MH370 ended in southern Indian Ocean, however 1 week later now still found nothing. So exactly what & how "most conclusive indications" which make him so certain to conclude even without seeing any debris?? Why are Malaysian lawmakers kept in the dark over MH370 ??

No surprise to see so many interesting speculation/rumors/cover-up about the MH370 :


The MH370 Boeing 777-200ER is one of the modern & advance plane made by US, engine Rolls-Royce Trent 895 made by UK.  The manufacturers know the plane better than anyone else.  In addition, with so many satellites in the sky & radars from so many countries around the currently hot disputed South China Seas area, it's really hard to believe that nobody knows where was MH370.

Malaysian authorities might be hiding something, likewise other countries might also withhold some essential information. If indeed MH370 ended in the remote rough & deep southern Indian Ocean, obviously "someone" just want to bury it for good and not be found again.

To say there is nothing to hide could probably convince 3 years old kids, period.



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