" Banned on ground of national security ", for a online newspaper ?? yellfoot-in-mouthyellfoot-in-mouth

What the ....  are you kidding me ??

" National security " my foot, go tell people will laugh till death, go tell ghost will die once again yellfoot-in-mouthyellfoot-in-mouth


TMI source : http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/tmi-turns-8-cut-off-from-selected-net-providers

It's truly amazing yet very sad to see how low and desperate those minority scumbags in power trying to silent someone or any party from speaking/writing the truth which expose them.  One day suddenly woke up on the wrong side of bed (perhaps last night was screw badly by an ultra-bloody-ugly-fatty vampire female), then start ban this or ban that trying to shiok sendiri sahaja (to satisfy ownself only).

We are not far to become Democratic People's Republic of Banglasia undecided

MongChaMongCha dude, you don't own the internet, neither does the internet owe you anything.  So stop this kind of idiotic, unwanted yet unwelcome act of internet censorship !!!

There are several methods to by-pass internet censorship, simply google around will find tons of it.

I personally will do the following:

On mobile devices, on Chrome browser, banned website in Malaysia will look like this:  

Just go to Settings, turn-on the Data Saver (it will use Google caches):

Then continue to browse any blocked website again :

At home or office network & wifi, NEVER use any of our own Malaysia DNS, just login your router change DNS to Google or OpenDNS .
Then continue to access websites freely



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