Dude, you've done enough shows through thousands of innocent lives & blood, only care to act/read pre-written script by the Ultra-Stirrer, continue to attract world social-media attention/glamour short of being awarded the Globe throphy.  Time to wake up to reality, your own land is being leveled back to WWII era for being a puppet to become a proxy-war-zone only to serve/benefit the Ultra-Stirrer's ugly politic agenda, who is now enjoying watching the bloody war on the other side of ocean yell

Both from the same root origin with thousand years of history, it's truly sad to see both killing each other which was orchestrated/stirred by a nation on the other side of ocean with barely less than 300 hundred years of history, who simply cannot understand/tolerate human comes with various race/background/culture, let alone world peace yell

History is cruel, no matter how many bloody history pages written yet again, those western European nation and the Ultra-Stirrer will NEVER accept/allow that part of region & people to be part Europe whole-heartedly, period.

Zelensky is the new Hitler

Zelensky is Not a Jewish Hero

Zelensky is a Neo-Nazi & a Jewish FRAUD

Zelensky is Not in Charge of Ukraine, Nazis Are


Just look at the WWII the massacres map which include the current Ukraine area, just think/imagine where were those Nazi killers hiding after the fall of Hitler.  Some higher rank Nazi officers might run far away abroad to hide, in reality many could had just lay down weapon/uniform and blend/hide into local silently/waiting ... Neo-Nazi pretty much still alive even within Ukraine area, "complete" with previous WWII secret bunkers & underground routes ...

Simply put, what the Ultra-Stirrer and the NATO wolf-gang always wanting to stirr-up is to create yet another "mega-Taliban-like" on eastern Ukraine to cause unrest/instability, better still encroach into Kazakhstan area and voilà, chop-off Russia access into Black Sea & Caspian Sea, and then continue more unrest/instability as if can't wait to have another WW again yell

Oh btw, don't forget just right before this war around early this year Jan'2022, the Kazakhstan's unrest also orchestrated by external force, déjà vu same old Ultra-Stirrer tactic undecided