TM-UniFi IPv6

I have not been doing much of testing or playing around with UniFi for long time (busy on work la~), the last time I changed my UniFi setting was some 6 months ago when TM offer to upgrade my current VIP5 to VIP10 ....

During the recent TT session with Rizvanrp, he mentioned that TM already started rolling out IPv6 Surprised
There are also many LYN sifus already started and successfully connected to IPv6 months ago, please refer here :
Thanks & credits go to these sifus Laughing

So during the recent holidays, I pulled out some toys, started to research & test over the weekend ...
To be honest, I'm totally new to IPv6, been trying hard to understand those technical terms & meaning ... really challenging & confusing ...Innocent...

My plan is to start with some stock routers first, hopefully it's easier to setup & test Tongue Out
Later will start on OpenWRT & MikroTik ....



IPv6 works on the stock FW ( Laughing

2014-02-14 00.10.48-N12C1.jpg2014-02-14 00.11.23.jpg2014-02-14 00.11.38.jpg2014-02-14 00.11.59.jpg2014-02-14 00.14.37.jpg2014-02-14 00.15.05.jpg2014-02-14 00.15.23-test.jpg2014-02-14 00.16.41.jpg2014-02-14 00.17.33.jpg



IPv6 seem broken on the stock FW (, LAN won't get IPv6 Frown

2014-02-14 06.56.08-n15u.jpg2014-02-14 06.56.32.jpg2014-02-14 06.57.33.jpg



Somehow I didn't manage to get the current latest stock FW ( to work ...
So I flashed to Merlin's current latest build ( and it works ! Laughing

2014-02-07 12.48.54-n16.jpg2014-02-07 12.49.09.jpg2014-02-07 12.49.31-firewall.jpg2014-02-07 12.49.47.jpg2014-02-07 12.50.14.jpg2014-02-07 12.50.35.jpg2014-02-07 12.50.58-tests.jpg2014-02-07 12.51.20.jpg



IPv6 works on the stock FW ( Laughing

2014-02-07 15.47.47-n66-native.jpg2014-02-07 15.48.15.jpg2014-02-07 15.48.32.jpg2014-02-07 15.48.49.jpg2014-02-07 15.49.28.jpg2014-02-07 15.49.50.jpg2014-02-07 15.50.00-tests.jpg2014-02-07 15.51.40.jpg



IPv6 works on the stock FW ( Laughing

2014-02-07 17.07.05-AC66.jpg2014-02-07 17.07.39.jpg2014-02-07 17.08.00.jpg2014-02-07 17.28.57-v6.jpg2014-02-07 17.31.36.jpg2014-02-07 17.31.52.jpg2014-02-07 17.32.06-tests.jpg2014-02-07 17.33.02.jpg2014-02-07 17.33.58.jpg2014-02-07 17.35.22.jpg



IPv6 not working well on both the current stock FW ( & Merlin build ((, seem like LAN can't get the IPv6  Frown

2014-02-07 18.11.51-dhcpv6-broken.jpg2014-02-07 18.55.36-dhcpv6-broken.jpg



Thanks & credit to Rizvanrp's guide HERE Smile
Finally, my RB750 with native IPv6 !! Laughing !!

2014-02-10 08.05.06-rb750.jpg2014-02-10 17.03.25-rb750ipv6setup.jpg2014-02-10 17.05.03.jpg2014-02-10 17.05.16-DNS.jpg2014-02-10 17.05.38.jpg2014-02-10 17.06.14.jpg2014-02-10 17.07.43.jpg2014-02-10 17.09.26.jpg2014-02-10 17.32.39.jpg2014-02-10 19.01.31-ipv6.jpg

Note to my RB750 UniFi setup:
PPPoE Client = UniFi
LAN interface = ether2-master-local

So you may change to fit your setup accordingly 



I'm using the RT-N13U-B1 as proof of concept, flashed with Trunk build (Barrier Breaker r39484 as of 8Feb2014)
Initially it works, so I went to sleep... but few hours later when I woke up, the IPv6 seem not working ?! Undecided !?

2014-02-08 03.24.09-OWrt-N13.jpg2014-02-08 03.24.30.jpg2014-02-08 03.26.54.jpg2014-02-08 03.27.24.jpg2014-02-08 03.27.35-test.jpg2014-02-08 03.28.30.jpg2014-02-08 03.29.27.jpg2014-02-08 10.42.21-7hrslater.jpg2014-02-08 10.42.46-no-v6.jpg


I have been testing over the weekend Saturday & Sunday for several routers, countless reset/re-boot/re-flash/on~off routers & even BTU
I'm not getting consistent result, some time it works then later not ....

Eg, for ASUS routers, it seem to take anytime from 5mins to 20mins just to get a IPv6 allocate from host end
For OpenWRT, I'm getting inconsistent result, seem can obtain the IPv6 immediately, LAN-side sometime works, but later not working again

I'm not sure whether it's my setup/test, firmware/build, or it's TM's end issue ...Innocent...
Holiday is ending now, got to resume busy work again soon Cry
Guess I have to stop this for while until I find more free time to test & figure it out later ....