Sony Xperia Arc LT15i (CM10 - Jelly Bean 4.1.2)

My almost 2 years old Xperia Arc LT15i, original with GB2.3, subsequently flashed to ICS4, now on JB4.1.2 with CyanogenMod CM10 Tongue out


After I bought the new Nexus 4 recently, this once-my-favorite Android phone now serve as backup phone .....
Been seeing many posts on flashing this device with the famous CyanogenMod by FreeXperiaProject team, so I decided to give it a try, it was quite challenging though to eventually get it work ..... Innocent

All references, credits & thanks go to the following links/articles/authors Laughing

Important: Read through the above first to have some understanding on the overall flashing process.


Generally, this is what I did to get my LT15i work:

  1. Download the CM10 ROM (JB4.1.x) from HERE, I use FXP208 build at the time of this post, download the FXP208-xxx-anzu for Xperia Arc LT15i, copy the zip file to the microSD card root level
  2. Download the GoogleApps from HERE, look for 20121011 package, do not use any others! Copy the zip file to the microSD card root level
  3. Flash the device to the official 4.1.B.0.431 first using FlashTool, refer HERE for guide
  4. Next is to root the device, refer HERE for guide
  5. Then unlock the bootloader, refer HERE for guide

Now the device is ready to flash, basically just follow those guides/references above will do Smile

Further notes:

  • Always flash the boot.img first (unzip the CM10 ROM to extract)
  • If encounter the "Status 7" error during recovery mode, it might due to kernel not "clean", bootloader still unlock, ROM file corrupted or cable issue
  • If encounter AOKP keyboard issue after flashing, re-do everything again: re-flash boot.img, wipe data/cache/devik, re-flash ROM & GoogleApps (remember to use only the 20121011)

For me, I did almost 3 rounds to get it done without any errors, phew ... Tongue out


And finally, the cool FreeXperia CyanogenMod boot up logo, nice Cool

Pure Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 with no nonsense bloatware Laughing


Next I immediatley install the following useful apps:

  • Link2SD - To extend internal storage to the microSD second partition (in ext2/3 format) - so can install more apps/games kuat-kuat Tongue out
  • Jellybean Swipe Keyboard - so can swipe like the JB4.2 keyboard !