AdGuard has DNS server in Singapore, offer free DNS with ads/tracking/phising blocking for better/safer internet access smile

 AdGuard's DNS as follows, from normal, DNSCrypt to DoT and DoH, in 3 different choices :

I've been using AdGuard around Q4'2019 when I noticed they setup a node in Singapore.  Before this I use OpenWRT with either AdBlock or Simple-Adblock package, later I use the AdGuard's "Default" DNS on OpenWRT DoH package, it offer almost similar ads blocking, so I don't need to install/use the extra OpenWRT's adblocking package/overhead.

Since then, I remember there were 2 incidents of few hours downtime/interruption only, which I temporary swapped to other DNS, AdGuard also seems to change the DNS IPs around Sep/Oct'2020 as per the above list now.  Other than that no other major issue with their DNS thus far, I'm happy and satisfy with AdGuard smile

I would recommend others to consider using it even on stock router, just replace the crappy ISP's DNS with AdGuard, either with the "Defaul" or "Family Protection" DNS --> for parents who are concern about their kids internet contains.

Some notes after using AdGuard DNS protection :

  • If the router's fw has DNS-rebind protection enable, might see some system log like "Possible DNS-rebind-attack". No worries that's normal because AdGuard DNS will detect/block/resolve those ads/tracking/phising links to localhost, that's why the router mistakenly think it's "rebind-attack".  Btw, NEVER disable DNS-rebind protection if the router's fw has such feature, just ignore the log will do.
  • When browse website might see either empty box, or some garbage/wordings, that's normal because AdGuard block those useless/popup contains, so it returns garbage/wordings.
  • So far online PC/Xbox-live gaming no issue no difference for me, it's like how I use Google/CloudFlare DNS previosly.
  • Ping might be slightly higher than Google/CloudFlare DNS, no big deal or major delay.