ASUS RP-AC68U WiFi Performance Test - Media Bridge Link Mode

(Initial post HERE, Access Point wireless test HERE)

WiFi testing based on iPerf3 with the following setup :

Note : The following test was based on my devices with specific settings (OS/software/version etc) and environment setup.  The wireless test results may vary depending on device/hardware/software/setting/environment.  This test is meant for my own reference only and should not be used for any benchmarking or comparison purposes.

Test scenario & condition :

  • Setup ASUS Media Bridge Mode on RP-AC68U and connect the device to the router :

2016-09-19 23.56.44-RPAC68U-AC68U.jpg2016-09-19 23.58.04.jpg2016-09-19 23.58.22.jpg2016-09-19 23.58.41.jpg2016-09-19 23.59.44-FixedIP.jpg

  • Connect a PC to RP-AC68U
  • Another PC connect through the router's LANport and run iPerf3 as server, AntiVirus & Windows Firewall turn-off, no other apps running
  • Both PCs use current latest iPerf3.1.3
  • Connect the RP-AC68U wireless to the router, one band at a time (2.4GHz follow by 5GHz)
  • Those AC routers wireless settings are still the same as per my recent test HERE
  • PC spec which is running iPerf3 behind the router as server :

On RT-AC68U :

2016-09-20 01.41.01-AC68U.jpg2016-09-20 01.42.19.jpg2016-09-20 01.42.48.jpg2016-09-20 01.43.25.jpg2016-09-20 01.43.50.jpg2016-09-20 01.44.42.jpg2016-09-20 01.51.47-5G.jpg2016-09-20 01.52.21.jpg2016-09-20 01.52.44.jpg2016-09-20 01.52.52.jpg2016-09-20 01.53.15.jpg2016-09-20 01.53.25.jpg

On RT-AC87U :

2016-09-20 02.04.41-AC87U.jpg2016-09-20 02.05.52.jpg2016-09-20 02.06.17.jpg2016-09-20 02.06.46.jpg2016-09-20 02.07.13.jpg2016-09-20 02.08.16.jpg2016-09-20 02.13.30-5G.jpg2016-09-20 02.14.08.jpg2016-09-20 02.14.30.jpg2016-09-20 02.14.39.jpg2016-09-20 02.15.03.jpg2016-09-20 02.15.11.jpg

On RT-AC88U :

2016-09-20 02.23.32-AC88U.jpg2016-09-20 02.24.47.jpg2016-09-20 02.25.13.jpg2016-09-20 02.25.36.jpg2016-09-20 02.26.03.jpg2016-09-20 02.26.35.jpg2016-09-20 02.32.09-5G.jpg2016-09-20 02.32.48.jpg2016-09-20 02.33.08.jpg2016-09-20 02.33.14.jpg2016-09-20 02.33.34.jpg2016-09-20 02.33.42.jpg

On RT-AC3200 :

2016-09-20 02.42.35-AC3200-5G1.jpg2016-09-20 02.43.21.jpg2016-09-20 02.43.45.jpg2016-09-20 02.43.52.jpg2016-09-20 02.44.30.jpg2016-09-20 02.44.38.jpg2016-09-20 02.51.31-5G2.jpg2016-09-20 02.52.17.jpg2016-09-20 02.52.43.jpg2016-09-20 02.52.54.jpg2016-09-20 02.53.18.jpg2016-09-20 02.53.28.jpg

On RT-AC5300 :

2016-09-20 03.01.22-AC5300-5G1.jpg2016-09-20 03.02.13.jpg2016-09-20 03.02.35.jpg2016-09-20 03.02.45.jpg2016-09-20 03.03.08.jpg2016-09-20 03.03.19.jpg2016-09-20 03.10.12-5G2.jpg2016-09-20 03.11.00.jpg2016-09-20 03.11.23.jpg2016-09-20 03.11.32.jpg2016-09-20 03.11.54.jpg2016-09-20 03.12.03.jpg