ASUS RT-AC1200G+ DualBand AC1200 

MIMO 2x2:2, 4 fixed 5dBi antennas, DualBand AC1200 (2.4GHz@300Mbps + 5GHz@867Mbps)
Broadcom BCM47189 SoC @900MHz, 16/128MB Flash/RAM size
Gigabits ports, 1xUSB2, UniFi ready

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Overall design outlook & feel like another dual-band AC1200 router target for general usage, the 4 fixed 5dBi antennas suggest extended & stronger signal coverage, body size design just nice and feel light though smile

Information & reference :

UniFi Setup :

My setup & config as follows :

2016-09-14 14.00.52.jpg2016-09-14 14.01.14-IPv6.jpg2016-09-14 14.02.23-WiFi.jpg2016-09-14 14.02.43.jpg2016-09-14 14.03.07.jpg2016-09-14 14.03.26.jpg2016-09-14 14.03.40.jpg2016-09-14 14.03.59-ISP.jpg2016-09-14 14.04.53-WAN.jpg2016-09-14 14.05.06.jpg

ASUSWrt firmware is quite mature & stable already, just go to the download link above apply latest firmware available will do.
As usual stock firmware support UniFi out of the box, IPv6, DDNS (No-IP included), QoS, PortForward, all work well for me without any issue laughing

Wireless Performance Test

WiFi performance testings on PC, laptop and mobile devices, both 2.4GHz & 5GHz