ASUS RT-N13U Ver B.1


The very first ASUS router with custom firmware for UniFi !! Laughing


Nice looking standing design, good quality built, white body colour with transparent bar lining, cool & modern looking !! Cool


It comes with USB2, mainly for network file & printer sharing.  Also come with Download Manager software can use it for torrenting download, another plus point ! Surprised

3 choice of operation mode (Router/Repeater/AP), turn off and manually select here before switch on to configure, really cool feature !! Cool

Place on top of a cabinet at ground hall area near staircase, clear of any blocking, I really like the blue LED ! Smile



Tested connection to UniFi, both internet & IPTV (on port4) without any problem !!




Good torrent seeds can easily get almost full download speed !


Initial wifi testing, actual transfer rate around 4~6 MB/sec with a single file 2.1GB size


Check on System Log, quite informative.
Tested for about 1 hour 45mins on Huawei HG850a, both internet & IPTV, no disconnection/connection problem!


Testing on about 7 devices mixture of PCs, laptops, iPhone 3GS & 4.  Noticed stock firmware can even set priority by individual device, interesting feature !





Firmware (standard - NOT for UniFi !!) :

Firmware (custom for UniFi) : Refer below section


Thanks to ASUS for their effort to make custom firmware for this router, courtesy of their Country Product Manager Kenneth Ng to sponsor 2 units for testing !

There will be 2 variant of custom firmware, 1 for home user (both vlan.500 & 600 on port4), another for company Biz package (only vlan.500). (1 beta handle both).


This device FCC ID: MSQ-RTN13U somehow unable to find at FCC official website. (updated as per above). However both ASUS wiki & DD-WRT sites clearly indicated it has 8MB flash memory & 64MB RAM !!
Eventhough the chipset is Ralink RT3052F @ 384Mhz same with the DIR-615 Gx, this device seem to perform better & more stable with many extra features.


Beta Firmware for UniFi

The beta firmware is from ASUS which I've assisted in testing based on my Huawei HG655a and to provide feedback to their engineer team accordingly.
You are advised to read, fully understand and follow the exact steps listed here before start email me.  Should there be any problem encounter, I'll do my best to forward to ASUS engineer for resolution.
Please note I don't own the firmware and I don't sell the product either, you buy and flash at your own risk.


IMPORTANT : Ensure you perform Factory Restore procedure BEFORE & AFTER flashing the firmware.

Method of Flashing : WebGui, if failed then Firmware Restoration (Win7)



Note: DD-WRT (no IPTV) on this device is supported, click HERE for more information.




2011 Nov 5 - Current latest custom firmware for UniFi

Version RT-N13U.RB_2.0.2.5g download from Mirror(MD5: 8ec4e58bfb55c4bdbe483bdc6d82113a)
Refer HERE for my test result.

2011 July 27 Update - Custom utility software
Download the Utility & Download Manager Application for the latest custom firmware RT-N13U.RB_7.28.2.3 Mirror .

Previous old custom firmware - NOT recommended

2011 Sep 28 Update - Current latest custom firmware for UniFi  (with default UniFi setup file)
Version RT-N13U.RB_8.22.2.3 download from Mirror .



2011 Aug 23 Update - Current latest custom firmware for UniFi  (firmware only)
Version RT-N13U.RB_8.22.2.3 download from Mirror .
(Fixed some issues on localised ISP selection on UniFi-Biz)

2011 Aug 02 Update
Custom firmware version RT-N13U.RB_7.28.2.3 download from Mirror .(with localised ISP selection and user-definable vlan tagging feature, cool ! Cool )

2011 Jun 22 Update
Custom Beta-C Firmware version RT-N13U.RB_6.21.2.3
download from HERE or Mirror
2011 Jun 06
Beta Firmware version RT-N13U.RB_2.0.2.0_0531w (with WAN online check) download from HERE or mirror
Note: Try to avoid the standard EzQoS setup which ASUS engineer is still identifying the issue.  If you really must setup QoS, you may try to setup manually, but take note the issue on the "Uplink" field.



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