Another Broadcom device from ASUS to support 3 digits multiple vlans at port level, this time a gigabit with USB2 on the Black Diamond design, nice & cool Laughing !!

Courtesy from ASUS for the following test unit and custom beta firmware for UniFi, thanks guys Smile !

Actual size exactly the same like RT-N56U, noticed it comes with a bracket for several placing position, either horizontal or vertical stand, or can even mount on wall, nice !


Ports layout also similar to RT-N56U, except it has only 1 USB2 port and no LED port lights indicator

UniFi VIP5 in action, this is where the Black Diamond shine, damn cool man Cool !!

Can you see the interior Cool ?!





Stock Firmware Utilities & Manuals (NOT for UniFi !!) :


I have yet to find out from ASUS Taiwan on exactly what Broadcom chip, Flash & RAM size, been getting rather confusing information from ASUS Wiki and some Russian forum as follows Innocent ....



Update: Managed to get actual spec detail from ASUS Taiwan :


Alright UniFi folks, show time !
The first custom beta firmware connected on my HG850a, both internet vlan.500 & IPTV vlan.600 no problem Wink !



Click HERE for beta firmware test []

Click HERE for custom firmware & setup



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