PCE-AC66 Test With RT-AC66U 

The ultimate 802.11ac experience Cool


My test setup as follows:

RT-AC66U - Placed at ground floor around center hall area
PCE-AC66 - Installed on a old PC at upstairs inside a study room (Pentium E2200 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Win7-64bit 4G DDR2)

Vertical direct distance in between this 2 devices is about ~15 foot, with at least 1 concrete wall blocking

After installing the card into the old PC, connect the base station RT-AC66U at ground floor at ~1Gbps speed Surprised


Test copy from (Read) LAN PC, rate around 27~29MB/s
(Noticed during transfer, the connection speed dropped slightly to around 700~850Mpbs)


Test copy to (Write) LAN PC, rate seem a bit higher around 30~32MB/s Surprised

Hmmm, this is interesting, normally Write speed is slower than Read, in this case the Write speed is faster than Read ..Undecided..


Continue with LANTest

Confirmed Write faster than Read !
But why ?! Could it be my setup or PC hardware limitation issue ?! Hmmm ..Sealed..


Playing YouTube @ 1080 full HD, no lagging smooth transfer no problem at all !!Laughing


Playing full HD from LAN, can fast-forward or reverse, no lagging smooth transfer no problem at all !!Laughing


I must admit this is the 1st time I've ever experienced such speedzilla, somemore connect wirelessly from upstairs study room ..Tongue Out..

RT-AC66U + PCE-AC66 = Damn bloody "geng" 劲啊 !! CoolLaughing !!



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