D-Link DWA-192 WiFi Test (on RT-AC3200)

When DWA-192 meets RT-AC3200 --> over 500Mbps surprised

Dual-Band AC1900 USB3 WiFi adapter testing on RT-AC3200 using iPerf3 :

Note : The following test was based on my devices with specific settings (OS/software/version etc) and environment setup.  The results may vary depending on individual's device/hardware/software/setting/environment.  It's for my own reference only and should not be used for any other benchmarking or comparison purposes.


DIY PC - Gigabyte Mobo

2015-09-18 00.35.05-2G.jpg2015-09-18 00.35.54.jpg2015-09-18 00.36.55-2G-R.jpg2015-09-18 00.37.55.jpg2015-09-18 00.41.19-5G.jpg2015-09-18 00.42.06.jpg2015-09-18 00.43.11-5G-R.jpg2015-09-18 00.44.02.jpg2015-09-18 00.47.23-5G2.jpg2015-09-18 00.48.08.jpg2015-09-18 00.49.13-5G2-R.jpg2015-09-18 00.50.17.jpg

The highest wireless adapter throughput I've tested so far, geng ah !!laughing!!


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