D-Link Cloud Camera DSC-5020L-A1  (supported by Synology Surveillance Station)

A mid-level Cloud capable non-HD IPCam, max resolution 640x480 @30fps (H.264 & MJPEG), LAN or wireless (with WiFi extender feature) connection, sound & motion detection with smart alert, 340° pan (-170° to +170°) & 120° tilt (-25° to +95°), day & night use (night infra), supported by Synology Surveillance Station, a decent mid-level all-day IPCam to consider for home or office usage smile .

This model has been out for quite some time already, thanks to D-Link Malaysia for the test unit, which I have been keeping it for quite some time too tongue-out  

Product photo


Information & reference :

See below product & mydlink Cloud server intro videos by DLinkTV :

Always check and upgrade to current latest firmware :

2015-04-23 14.55.21-update.jpg2015-04-23 14.57.16.jpg2015-04-23 14.59.51.jpg2015-04-23 15.00.14.jpg2015-04-23 15.03.36.jpg

Menu feature & function overview :

2015-04-23 15.08.03-menu.jpg2015-04-23 15.08.31.jpg2015-04-23 15.08.47.jpg2015-04-23 15.09.34-DDNS.jpg2015-04-23 15.09.59.jpg2015-04-23 15.13.38.jpg2015-04-23 15.13.55.jpg2015-04-23 15.14.11.jpg2015-04-23 15.14.28.jpg2015-04-23 15.14.51.jpg2015-04-23 15.15.19.jpg2015-04-23 15.16.22.jpg2015-04-23 15.16.40.jpg2015-04-23 15.16.49.jpg2015-04-23 15.17.10.jpg

Quite some good features out there, like the H.264 video compression support, able to set individual schedule & time for sound/motion/email/ftp/day~night mode options.
Unfortunately, still no DDNS support for No-IP yell

Device setup & mydlink Cloud video by DLinkTaiwan (Chinese)


Other useful video guide for reference (thanks & credits to them !) :

by AwkwardHamster

by Lon Seidman

Yes, this device is supported by Synology Surveillance Station (SSS), nice laughing

Setup is really easy straight forward, just select the correct model from the list, then voila the SSS start to record, like the SSS rich recording/search/playback/etc features cool

2015-04-23 15.20.48-SS7.jpg2015-04-23 15.22.25.jpg2015-04-23 15.23.42.jpg2015-04-23 15.28.19.jpg2015-04-23 15.29.34.jpg

In fact, there are quite a lots of D-Link IPCams supported by SSS : https://www.synology.com/en-us/compatibility/camera?brand=D-Link

Even my old entry level DSC-930L is also in the list wink

However, I noticed this DSC-5020L camera has unusual slight oval shape on both side of the center image as shown below (both in stock webgui & SSS), especially on the left side which really distort the picture shape yell :

Not sure whether it's design like that or the camera lens defect ... innocent

Other than that, I'm quite happy with this decent in-door 24-hours capable security camera, especially when it's supported by SSS out of the box !


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