TP-Link Cloud Camera NC200v1

An entry-level Cloud-base non-HD IPCam, max resolution 640x480 (0.3MP) 20fps (MJPEG video), LAN or wireless (300Mbps with WiFi extender feature) connection, motion detection with email/ftp alert, day use (no night mode) with static position viewing (no pan & tilt), good enough for basic in-door monitoring usage smile


Product photo


It comes ready with a 8ft long power cable extension, also a strong 3M double-sided base sticker, quite useful & considerate though smile

Information & reference :

Product video by TP-Link

When first access to the device's webgui, it will prompt to download plug-in to view the video and picture.
Just download, install then re-start the browser (I use FireFox), then access the device again.

Always check official website and upgrade it to latest firmware :

2015-04-23 12.47.07-NC200v1.jpg2015-04-23 13.02.23.jpg2015-04-23 13.02.49.jpg

Menu feature & function overview :

2015-04-23 13.07.05-Menu.jpg2015-04-23 13.07.31.jpg2015-04-23 13.07.53.jpg2015-04-23 13.08.15.jpg2015-04-23 13.08.42.jpg2015-04-23 13.09.32-DDNS.jpg2015-04-23 13.09.53.jpg2015-04-23 13.10.03.jpg2015-04-23 13.10.36.jpg2015-04-23 13.11.00.jpg2015-04-23 13.26.17.jpg2015-04-23 13.26.40-LightsOn.jpg2015-04-23 13.27.28-LightsOff.jpg2015-04-23 13.33.13-Rec.jpg2015-04-23 13.38.07-Zoom.jpg2015-04-23 13.38.16.jpg2015-04-23 13.38.25.jpg2015-04-23 13.40.05-320x240.jpg

I was trying to setup this IPCam with Synology Surveillance Station, but I'm surprised to see currently only 3 TP-Link IPCam is supported :

Hmmm, hope TP-Link will get more IPCam to be supported by Synology Surveillance Station

Anyway, can refer to the following video by TP-Link for easy setup & Cloud registration steps so you can access the camera remotely via mobile devices laughing



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