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Thanks to LYN member Rizvanrp for recommending this first device to replace the DIR-615!
Also thank him for helping to configure and setup which was posted here.



  • This device will handle vlan tagging (500 for Internet & 600 for IPTV), it does not has router and wifi functions
  • User is free to choose and use their own prefer/existing router (not ADSL+router device), just need to setup PPPoE (like Streamyx)
  • Ensure the RB250GS firmware is 1.2 and above before setup for UniFi, check manufacturer website for latest firmware
  • The following setup is based on Rizvanrp's guide, I change to use Port1 for incoming, Port4 for internet & Port5 for IPTV
  • Default IP is user ID is "admin"  with blank password
  • You need to set your PC/laptop with static IP 192.168.88.x  subnet to access the device


Hard reset the unit first!


Setup for UniFi:








BTU[Port1] --> [Port1]RB250GS[Port4] --> [WAN]<your own router, setup PPPoE>
BTU[Port5] --> [LAN]Set-Top-Box IPTV




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