AT&T Sierra Mobile WiFi Hotspot Elevate 4G

Bought this MiFi gadget from China few months back, mostly use this MiFi when travel off-site Smile

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{mp4}ATnT Sierra Mobile WiFi Hotsport Elevate 4G{/mp4}

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2013-12-29 10.24.55.jpg2013-12-29 10.25.06-login.jpg2013-12-29 10.25.43.jpg2013-12-29 10.26.03.jpg2013-12-29 10.26.13.jpg2013-12-29 10.26.23.jpg2013-12-29 10.26.35.jpg2013-12-29 10.26.46-GPS.jpg2013-12-29 10.28.00.jpg2013-12-29 10.28.12.jpg2013-12-29 10.28.20.jpg2013-12-29 10.28.33.jpg2013-12-29 10.29.36.jpg2013-12-29 10.30.00-Battery.jpg2013-12-29 10.30.09.jpg2013-12-29 10.30.20-SDcard.jpg2013-12-29 10.31.05.jpg2013-12-29 10.34.35-wifi.jpg2013-12-29 10.34.50-advance.jpg2013-12-29 10.35.22.jpg2013-12-29 10.35.43-wifi.jpg2013-12-29 10.37.38.jpg2013-12-29 10.37.48.jpg

Complete it with a pair of Huawei magnetic base antenna + WoPow 10k mAh power bank, mobile internet the whole day with "geng-geng" (powerful) signal Wink

Tested the MiFi on Digi & Maxis, no problem connecting, no need to hack/crack, just plug-in 3G/4G simcard will do  Cool



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