XPEnology ~Synology on ASRock C70M1  (AMD C-70 APU)

A low budget basic home NAS loaded with Synology current latest DSM5.1 with good read/write performance smile


Hit the 1GB LANport max speed, CPU also max out tongue-out

Recently help one of my good friend built his very 1st Syno box for basic home usage purpose.
With budget & low power consumption in mind, we went to LowYat Plaza 3rd floor ViewNet Computer, after much of discussion/suggestion with the friendly tech staff there, we decided to assemble the box with the following BOM :

  • ASRock C70M1 - a ITX form AMD C-70 APU mobo with 4 x Sata3 native ports support
  • 2x2GB Kingston DDR3 value ram
  • 4x3TB WD Red NAS drive  --> this is the most expensive investment !
  • Seasonic M12II Bronze 520w PSU
  • SilverStone Micro-ATX PS09 casing --> this was the only available small casing in the shop which able to house 4 x 3.5HDD drives
  • USB thumbdrive --> this is the cheapest yet the most important thing ==> to bootup XPEnology tongue-out


Eventhough it's just a RM2xx AIO mobo, the BIOS able to check & update via internet instantly, nice feature cool

After bootup XPEnology & install latest Synology DSM5.1 & updates, setup Raid10 for best performance & data protection

Test Folder Syncing (NAS to NAS) from my N54L write to the C70M1 :

2015-03-10 11.02.39-RSync.jpg2015-03-10 11.03.30.jpg2015-03-10 11.05.04.jpg2015-03-10 11.15.59.jpg

Test concurrent writing to C70M1, hit the 1GB LANport maximum speed with >110MB/s, noticed the CPU also hit max :

2015-03-10 11.19.56-Max.jpg2015-03-10 11.20.59.jpg2015-03-10 11.21.35.jpg2015-03-10 11.22.27.jpg2015-03-10 11.23.46.jpg2015-03-10 11.24.53.jpg2015-03-10 11.25.22.jpg

Also tested :

  • Unplug power cable, wait for an hour then insert back, BIOS auto-boot from USB still remain intact no need to go BIOS change again
  • DSM schedule power off & power on work  (some PC mobo won't work properly)
  • PLEX ~ not smooth due to low power CPU  (recommend to run PLEX on dedicated PC like this example HERE )

Overall not bad for a low budget & low power consumption box, the good throughput is good enough for average home user smile

Next, might assemble another 1 or 2 boxes when I'm free, will place 1 at Singapore torrent kuat-kuat  tongue-out