TL-WR740N Ver4.2 [ Flash from Factory to OpenWRT trunk + install LuCI ]



Flash from Factory to OpenWRT Trunk


Go and download trunk version from the following link : (use "xxx-tl-wr740n-v4-squashfs-factory-xxxx")


Login to the device, Restore Factory Defaults before flashing

DO NOT touch anything until it complete !


Login to the device, default IP either or
ID & password = admin


Go to the following, browse & upgrade to flash the trunk file

DO NOT touch anything until it complete !


  • Wait for at least 2 mins for the whole process to complete
  • After flashing, there is no webgui to access since the trunk build does not comes with any webgui

Launch PuTTY, choose Telnet mode to login to the device

Set the device root password immediately  (make sure you remember the password !)

Exit PuTTY


Re-login again with SSH mode now

Enter the new password to confirm again

Basically flash to OpenWRT trunk is now completed, I continue to install LuCI webgui for easy access


Install LuCI Webgui


  • Make sure you have a LAN line with internet access
  • Connect the device's WAN port to the current LAN line
  • Connect PC to the device's LANport
  • PuTTY login, wait for a while, try to ping something (eg, make sure it has internet access


Type the following to install LuCI

Type the following to enable autostart, then reboot the device


After reboot, the LuCI webgui will appear, now free to play & enjoy OpenWRT ! Wink



I've tested and confirmed the FailSafe rescue mode (QSS small button at the back) on r30919 is working.
The steps are similar to TL-WR1043ND HERE .