TL-WR741ND Ver:1.8


Read from internet that OpenWrt should be able to create multiple vlans port on Atheros, since I'm not getting anywhere with DD-WRT & Tomato, I'm starting to explore further on OpenWrt ......
I never play with OpenWrt before as it require advance level of network technical skill and Linux base commands, which I'm totally unfamiliar with.
Looking through the wiki, OpenWrt does offer some web interfaces, LuCI seem to be more popular, so I decided to try my first OpenWrt experience TP-Link TL-WR741ND V1.8
I read another LYN member "Blindbox" previous postings, he seem to be able to configure OpenWrt with both Vlan 500 & 600 on UniFi.  Will communicate with him soon and hopefully to work out something.


16Jan2011 update:

Successfully flashed Backfire-10.03.1-rc4 with LuCI r24045 web interface on TL-WR741ND V1.8 Atheros!
It's really eyes OPENing for me, loads of option, many of which I don't understand, it's really OPEN ! Impressive !
And the most exciting thing is, the Vlan port tagging option is available !!

Please see here for more screen shots.
Will be working & testing with "Blindbox" soon on how to configure vlan 500 & 600 on UniFi.


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