MUST SEE Surprised

Inside Malaysia's Shadow State (by Global Witness)

Downright disgusting & disgraceful bunch of corrupt people Frown

2 May'2013 Update : This video now is been blocked in Malaysia Yell
Every Malaysian deserve to know the truth, there should NOT be any censorship for Malaysian to see the video!

To view this YouTube video outside Malaysia:

Excuse me, THEY are NOT squatters !!

THEY, the Natives / Ethnic groups in Sarawak, they have been living there long before you know where your root comes from.

They were forced to leave their own home land, they were forced to become your so-called "squatters".

If you still have a proper human heart, please, show some respect, both to the Natives and for the nature.


More Updates:

2013-May-01 : Sarawak’s RM4.9b bonds banker Goldman Sachs facilitating corruption, says Global Witness (reported by TheMalaysinInsider)



The Borneo Island, the 3rd largest island & the oldest forest (~130mil years old) in the word, been damaged systematically for decades, situation worsen and still continue to happen ......


Can we, do something ??

Ladies & gentlemen, I believe this is the least we can do, let's sign the following petition together :

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak: Launch Royal Commission of Inquiry into corruption in Sarawak


Please help to share the truth around and get more support.


Thank you.


K.L. Seet