Why not approved when most needed?  WHY NOW ??

I graduated from Foon Yew High School, honestly this is downright insulting, both to the school and to the Chinese Frown

Please respect education, it ain't beggar, it is necessity.


中庸: 宽柔以教,不报无道,南方之强也,君子居之

Doctrine of the Mean: "To be broadminded and gentle in teaching and not rashly punish wrong-doing is the strength of the South. The Superior Man abides in this."

孔子: 学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆

Confucius: "To learn without thinking is blindness, to think without learning is idleness."

I was lucky to be able to study in 1 of the largest high school in Malaysia.  But many of my friends and others out there might not be that lucky .......

In Malaysia, the overall public education system and standard has been systematically ruined for decades, just read some of the following articles to understand further:

Over the decades, many Malaysian parents are doing their best to send their children to private school, some even to international school.
Over the decades, we have lost many talents overseas, many choose not to return to Malaysia anymore.

Many fresh graduates, especially those from government-run school and universities, they are finding increasingly difficult to find a decent job even locally.

Undeniable human-made disaster, indeed.

The worst thing is, this education thingy has often been manipulated by politician to gain support, or even to threaten, just to gain political mileage.
This is so terribly wrong, please stop associate dirty politic with education, you are destroying the nation's future !!

Rather than simply approving another school after another at this very last desperate moment just to gain support, perhaps you should really ask this:

What the hell is our ministry of education been doing since 5 decades ago?