Some thoughts ahead of GE13 — Lucius Goon (as published on 19Apr2013 @ TheMalaysianInsider)

After more than half century under the same present government, from continuous power-abuse, corruption, to the extend of selling our nation's citizenship, these are just tip of the iceberg ...Cry...

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APRIL 19 — “The brave man inattentive to his duty is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger.” — Andrew Jackson.

These words by the seventh US president must prompt Malaysians to get off the sidelines and vote for change on May 5. Too many of us talk the talk, whine about everything under the sun but then fall back into our comfort zone, giving all sorts of reasons why change is not good for the country.

Here is some food for thought to nudge the fence-sitters.

1) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Nordin

Close your eyes and listen to what they have been uttering in the past few months. Language that seeks to pit Malaysian against Malaysian; threats against religious freedom and threats to revoke citizenship of principled Malaysians who hold different opinion than themselves.

Theirs are not fringe views. The trio represent the heart and soul of Umno and that is why they are invited to campaign for Umno.

2) Project IC

This is the highest form of treason: selling the country’s citizenship to illegals for political gain. And the evidence before the Royal Commission of Inquiry in Sabah is unequivocal: thousands of identity cards were given to Filipinos and other foreigners during the Mahathir administration to ensure BN stayed in power.

Today, Sabahans live in fear and the Lahad Datu incident shows what can happen when national security takes a back seat to political shenanigans.

3) Isa Samad, Ali Rustam, Zahid Hamidi, Musa Aman, Nazri Aziz

What a dream team? Truly transformative. T-team.

Two of them were found guilty of money politics in party elections, one of them was fingered by Mahathir in 1998 for having immense wealth and a beneficiary of cronyism and the last two chaps still can’t explain their ties to Michael Chia, the RM40 million man.

All five are likely to win and be rewarded with Cabinet positions if BN wins. Hebat sungguh.

4) Hishammuddin Hussein

He could be prime minister one day. What a scary thought. Keris, cow-head protest, Bersih gathering, Lahad Datu. His list of foibles is impressive.

5) The National Feedlot Centre scandal

In a country where it seems billions are spent daily, it is perhaps small change for the government to see RM250 million disappear through a combination of abuse and cavalier handling of public funds.

Has any money been recovered from Shahrizat Jalil’s family? No.

Has Shahrizat’s family shown any remorse for this colossal failure? No.

So who has been left holding the can and looking mighty stupid? Malaysian taxpayers.

6) Taib Mahmud

He is untouchable. He is being investigated by the MACC but has chosen not to co-operate with the probe.

Not a week goes by without some revelation being made about the source of his family’s immense wealth but he cannot be removed.

Najib can’t force him out of power. Only we can.

7) Election violence

Malaysia is not a banana republic. This is the 13th general election since independence but this is the only time that a chief minister’s office was stormed (Lim Guan Eng) by BN thugs; that a woman politician (Nurul Izzah Anwar) was manhandled by Umno goons and that vehicles belonging to opposition politicians are routinely vandalised.

Are we going to be cowed in our country?

8) Election Commission, Registrar of Societies, the police...

Most Malaysians expect fairness and a sense of justice, especially from the country’s institutions.

But this has not happened as the EC turns away from really being independent and ensuring free and fair elections are held for all eligible Malaysians. Witness their systems being unable to cope with last-minute registrations to vote from abroad.

See how the Registrar of Societies uses the law to foil the DAP from using its rocket logo. What else will it do?

And the police. What is left to be said about our enforcers of the peace.

We Malaysians have a duty to right the wrongs that has happened over the past 12 general elections. Let’s do it.

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