Is this a democracy country?  Is democracy dead in Malaysia ??

Surprised Before election, already start filtering online media in Malaysia, mostly targeting opposition sites/contains, by using some sophisticated techniques,
See the following reports/links/articles for more details:

(Note: Most of the blocked contains in Malaysia can be viewed on my last few postings under HERE.)


Concerns on thousands of foreign workers & phantoms voters :

(Note: Selling citizenship to foreigners for political gain is nothing new in Malaysia, it has already started since the 90's called "Project IC" or "Project M" :


On the election day (GE13) 5 May 2013, this was what happening ......


Foreign workers phantom voters were brought in openly, some where arrested, some was beaten by angry voters ..... mostly by public's own initiative to stop them ....



 To view this YouTube video outside Malaysia:

 {flv}Phantom voter turned away in Cheras{/flv}


Vote buying .... (videos blocked in Malaysia)

{flv}PRU13 Rasuah 2 BUDAK MUDA RM50 di SK Seri Manjung{/flv}


To view outside Malaysia :


Phantom votes boxes ....

 GE13 Dirty Election Rigged and Fraud Ballot Boxes being carried in by car

{flv}GE13 Dirty Election Rigged and Fraud Ballot Boxes being carried in by car{/flv}

Violence breaks out at polling centres

{flv}Violence breaks out at polling centres on election day{/flv}



Many others either drop from sky at open field, drive-in, etc , carry in openly ....


This one through power failure technique ....
Opposition already won, then suddenly power failure, after power resumed 1 new box appeared, after re-counted then opposition lost .... Yell


All the above can be easily found across social media platform, some could already been filtered in Malaysia, as usual ... Yell

 Obviously, the opposition disputes the GE13 result

{flv}Pakatan disputes GE13 results claiming fraud{/flv}


Honestly, it's truly sad to see all these election fraud happening to my country .... Cry .... cheating coward ....Yell....

Please help to share and let the world knows the truth on Malaysia election fraud !