"... my religion teaches me to forgive others who do harm to us,- as reported by TheMalaysianInsider - Uncle ready to forgive road-rage woman

Uncle Sim, you have all my respect !

This was the actual event :


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Watching the video, I was really worrying about the safety of the old man, totally shock & speechless !Frown
As if she was riding a golden frog or what, come on lady, this is just a very very minor car scratch, are you nut ?!

While I admit everyone might have temper once in a while, unless we are totally insane & lost our mind, we simply DO NOT bully, threaten & humiliate others Yell... somemore to an old folk YellYell ... worst, right in the holy month of Ramadan YellYellYell

Only kurang ajar & kurang sopan orang (uneducated/uncivilised rude people) will do that, period.

She did apologise later, probably after knowing the video went viral.  I bet situation might be different if there is no video.
Look at the video closely again, while she continue to wage her anger, threatening, knocking/banging the car and repeatedly scolded dirty foul language (yes in the holy month of Ramadan!!) to the old man, she still can talk calmly to some people surrounding.  Towards the end she was mumbling something "cina" (Chinese people), kinda looks like she did it in purpose with a racist mind.

Damage is done, you are famous now, keep this to yourself only.

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