Please note the following information is based on my personal experience and knowledge only.  You have been notified on the risk involved, I'll not be held responsible for any causes to your device either before, during or after DD-WRT flashing, you are doing this at your own risk.

Please read through the following before flashing.

Official website :

Wiki :

Router compatibility & supported devices : and

Flashing Guide :

DD-WRT Firmware (by BrainSlayer) :
(Note: Select the latest build by folder date & version, choose the CORRECT sub-folder according to your router model/version.)


If you like DD-WRT, please donate some money to them to show your support and appreciation.  You may also consider to donate routers for their R&D purpose.

Those DD-WRT developers really spend a lot of efforts in making this wonderful firmware to benefit us, a small donation and give-back may not means anything to us, but it will certainly recognise their great efforts to continue making better firmware for our routers!!

By flashing the router with 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT, individual owner must aware that it will void the manufacturer warranty, risk for unable to flash back to original manufacturer firmware, possible to the extend of bricking the device!


Prerequisites before flashing with DD-WRT:

  • Check and ensure the device model/version is fully supported
  • Must know how to perform hard reset using the "30-30-30" method.
  • Alternatively, use this hard reset method:
    • disconnect ALL cables from the device
    • use an object to press down & hold the re-set button on the device
    • insert power cable, continue to hold at least 30 seconds
    • when you see a bunch of lights blinking or flashing, pull out the power cable, continue to hold re-set button for at least another 30 seconds
    • release the re-set button, wait for at least 1 min
  • Depends on the device, flash method is either through Web Gui (most commonly use now) or the "tftp" method (for older/specific router or recovery purpose)
  • Download the latest & correct firmware build file, generally:
    • Use filename with "factory-to-ddwrt" to flash from stock original to dd-wrt
    • Use filename with "[RouterModel]-webflash] to upgrade current dd-wrt version
    • Filename with extension .tftp is for tftp flashing method
  • Although there is no 100% guarantee to revert back to original firmware, do some research to find the correct revert procedure and file whenever possible