Condolences to her family, may her soul R.I.P 🙏

This is the 3rd Malaysian female got murdered/killed in Taiwan over past 2 years 😱😨
Unbelievable shocking but true, sad and speechless 😢😣

(👉 Year2020 ~ A Malaysian female student was murdered in Taiwan

Human-rights is for human, not for those brutal-beast-animal. When a sicko can even think of murdering/killing another innocent human, it's no longer a human being 👹. So to those mentally-ill Taiwanese politician crooks, STOP talking about "teachable" bull crap 🤬, a life for a life since the begining of humankind, period.

人权是给人类讲的,不是对那些禽兽说的。 当一个可以想到要去杀害另一个无辜的人时,它已经不再是人了👹。 那些神精病脑袋进水的台湾腐败政客请不要再说什么“可教化”的狗屁废话🤬, 人类自古以来都是一命赔一命, 天经地义, 句号。