Malaysian Uni Student Murdered In Taiwan

Sad to see this happened cry, condolences to her family, may her soul R.I.P

This is the second Malaysian woman murdered in Taiwan this year ...

Some local news :


Some Taiwan local news :

  • The murderer started planning to ambush woman in that area as early as 30Sep'2020, first 2 attemps failed, the unfortunate Malaysian uni student became his third attempt.
  • After he strangled the uni student to death, he continue to molested her.
  • He drove around for hours some 200kms distance with the body, stop at a rest area for an hour and move the body around.
  • When his car running out of petrol, he even took her phone as deposit to pump petrol.


  • The local district police head replied "I don't know" about the murder case initially after being asked by reporters.
  • Apparently, a woman did make a police report on 30Sep'2020 (the suspect's first failed attempt).
  • However, it seems the local police did not investigate thoroughly nor file the police report properly, which allow the murderer to continue his attempt.


Since then, Taiwan government and local police formally apologised to the victim family and also to Malaysia people (Link).

Before this, a Malaysian woman was found murdered and dismembered in Taipei early this year Jan'2020, the suspect commit suicide when local police found him (Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4).

I have been traveling to Taiwan since the 90's, I was in Taipei area one week after the 1999 Jiji earthquake (921大地震), I was in TaiChung area during the 2009 Typhoon Morakot (八八水災).  This is not the Taiwan I know of, and I do miss the Taiwan I know previously ...

This is a clear-cut planned kidnap, sexually assuat and eventual murder case.  The murderer has every motive and clearly know what he was doing to achieve his evil intention, including strangling and took another life without any hesitation. I do hope the current Taiwan government will seriously look at this gruesome murder case and to punish this cold-blooded murderer by mandatory death sentence.  This is the bare minimal Taiwan can do to give justice to her and her family.


The murderer strangled her to death, he must feel for himself to his last breath, period.


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