ASUS EA-AC87 (Ver. A1) 5GHz AC1800

World 1st  surprised
After meeting with ASUS 2 months ago, finally the EA-AC87 is here !!  Thanks ASUS Malaysia for delivering the test unit laughing

DualCore Quantenna QT3840BC SoC @500MHz, 5GHz-only MIMO 4x4 @1734MHz, design for 5GHz Media Bridge --> Currently World 1st of such device !!
Unboxing & first view video :

Product photo


Information & reference :

I still remember the previous dualband EA-N66 Media Bridge device, it's MIMO 3x3 with really nice Pyramid design, comes with 1 gigabit port.  ASUS continue to design high-end Media Bridge with higher bandwidth, this time another bridging device with 4 antenna MIMO 4x4 single band 5GHz only, include 5 gigabit ports for more connection.  Straight forward square shape design, equipped with 4 rather unusual short and flat antenna, slightly bigger body size, maintain the usual black Knight surface design with glossy finishing around it.  No more fancy look, this is a serious 5GHz-only bridging work horse.  In fact it looks to me a bit cute, it's like a little 4 arms or legs robot toy tongue-out

Media Bridge Tests

Lined up some toys : RT-AC68RT-AC87 & the latest RT-AC3200, to test respectively and see how this robot can perform cool

My testing setup & scenario as follows :

and the result :

2015-05-11 17.18.13-AC68.jpg2015-05-11 17.19.45.jpg2015-05-11 17.23.01.jpg2015-05-11 17.48.53-AC87U.jpg2015-05-11 17.51.41.jpg2015-05-11 17.53.00.jpg2015-05-11 17.55.30.jpg2015-05-11 18.22.51-AC3200.jpg2015-05-11 18.26.43.jpg2015-05-11 18.28.20.jpg2015-05-11 18.39.54.jpg




 RT-AC68  55.8 56.9 520  
   51.1 56.8  536  
 RT-AC87U 65.8 64.6  844  
   63.6 65.1  885  
 RT-AC3200  59.1 53.6  572  
   59.5 51  601  

Impressive, by far the fastest & highest wireless bridging speed I've ever tested so far laughing
Especially bridging it with the AC87U as shown above, deserve to be named as the EA-AC87 cool 

On the other hand, I'm quite surprised with the AC3200 result, I was hoping either similar like the AC87U or even better.  However, the bridging result on AC3200 is only slightly better than the AC68.
Hmmm, the AC3200 still new, looks like the firmware/driver still need further tuning/adjustment ...


Media Bridge Test - iperf between 2 XPEnology ~Synology NAS

After the good test result with AC87U above, I decided to run another round of iperf test purely between 2 XPENology ~Synology NAS (based on ASRock Q1900 mobo with DSM DS3615xs package).  My test setup & scenario as follows :


and the test result :

2015-05-12 00.20.16-Q1900ITX.jpg2015-05-12 00.30.00-Dual.jpg2015-05-12 00.37.04-Q1900M.jpg

Throughput hitting around 900Mbps surprised, almost to the 1Gbps limit, very geng-ah (strong!) cool

This is 1 device definitely worth to use as Media Bridge, a must-have AC87U companion laughing




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