ASUS New Product Update 2015 Q1

After my previous meetup with ASUS (2014-Q3/4 product update), recently have another quick meetup with some ASUS key representatives for some latest product update which will be available here soon smile

Coming up : EA-AC87 (AC1800), 4G-AC55U, RT-AC3200 Tri-Band surprised

Also the first sighting of a special Limited Edition router which will be launching soon wink ...


EA-AC8700 (AC1800)

When ASUS passed me the RT-AC87 few months ago, I told them honestly I do not have any AC1800 or equivalent device to test, they told me soon the EA-AC87 will be out ...
This is it now, finally smile

Equipped wtih Quantenna QT3840BC SoC @ 500MHz, 32/64 Flash/RAM size, 4 antenna (2 at each side) @ 4x4 MIMO
An interesting gadget, look forward to test it out soon ...



Another new product which combine 4G (mini sim-slot) & WAN port, load-balancing dual WAN connection, interesting device cool

Just insert 4G mini simcard will do smile

ASUS is still testing & fine-tuning it, hopefully will cover & support most of our Telcos 4G connection protocol here soon ...



Equipped with a geng Broadcom BCM4709A0 Dual-Core 1GHz A9 CPU surprised, 128/256MB Flash/RAM size, 6 antenna Tri-Band Dual 3x3 MIMO (2G & 5G) surprised
Another mother-of-routers from ASUS cool

This will be another headache for me, use what & how to test drive this monster ? innocent ?  Guess I really have to lineup some serious stuff to test it later ...


** surprised Special Limited Edition Router surprised **

This round ASUS surprised me with a special limited edition router, which will be announced soon.
I saw & touched the actual unit, with 1 real test unit, trust me, it's beautiful !! kiss !!  I want 1 !! tongue-out !! 

I'm not supposed to publish anything yet, so I have to make the picture blurry for first glimpse of this beauty kiss
Just wait for ASUS to announce it officially soon ...

Stay tuned for more update soon ...



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