ASUS Router - Factory Restore Procedure


Always perform this factory restore procedure BEFORE and AFTER flashing the firmware !!  Failure to do so may brick the device !!

After which you may proceed to setup accordingly.


Note: Ensure the device's bottom selection is set to "Router" mode


Method 1 :

Factory Restore procedure:

  1. Unplug everything including power & cat cables
  2. Clear browser caches, close & re-open browser again (try not to use IE)
  3. Plug-in & power up the device, wired your PC/laptop to the device’s LAN2/3, NO WAN & wireless connection
  4. Login to the device and perform Factory Restore, wait patiently until the whole process to complete
  5. After the device re-booted back to default, repeat step 1 again, wait for at least 1min
  6. Repeat 2 & 3  (default user ID & password = admin)
  7. Go straight to flash the new firmware, DO NOT touch anything, be patient to wait until it’s fully completed & the device is re-booted
  8. After the device re-booted, repeat step 1 again, wait for at least 1min
  9. Repeat steps 2 to 5 again
  10. Login to the device & perform the necessary setup
  11. Once setup is completed, logout the device, power-off and disconnect all devices cat cables including the BTU/VDSL2, wait for at least 1min
  12. Connect all devices as per diagram for the respective router/firmware (always check & re-check the cables & ports number, different model & firmware may use different ports for internet & IPTV !)
  13. Power on the BTU/VDSL2 first, wait for at least 1 min, make sure the VoIP is working
  14. Power on the device, wait for at least 1min, make sure the IPTV is working first

In summary:


  • MUST perform Factory Restore both BEFORE & AFTER flashing
  • DO NOT connect WAN & wireless during flashing & setup process
  • Always turn-on the BTU/VDSL2 first, make sure VoIP is working then only turn-on the device and make sure the IPTV is working first
  • Once everything is working, try not to login the device & mess around with the setup again!


Method 2 :

  • Unplug ALL cables, wait for at least 1 min
  • Only plug-in power cable, wait for at least 30sec
  • Use a sharp object, press down the re-set button, continue to hold for at least 30sec
  • Release the re-set button, DO NOT unplug power, wait for at least 1min
  • The device should restore back to default IP  with user ID & password = admin

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