An EXCELLENT CNET Asia rating with many other awards winning in various countries, another stylish & quality built router device from ASUS !! smilie

Special thanks to ASUS Country Product Manager Kenneth Ng for sponsoring this unit for testing !

Some highlights : Dual-band 5GHz Ralink RT3662F (2T3R) SoC 500MHz + 2.4GHz RT3092 (2T2R) , Full Gigabit Switch, 2 x USB2 (30W rated), 8MB Flash Memory + 128MB RAM, 3 Years Warranty smilie


Even the box & packaging of certain quality ! smilie





Stylish & slim design, "black-pearl" skin feel, really looks cool & pro !! Cool

The compact power supply unit with 8ft long cable, another + point !


1 word --> STYLE !! smilie




The smallest power plug I've ever seen on a router !

The LED lights really awesome, can't keep my eyes off it !! smilie










Utilities, Manuals & Firmware (Factory standard - NOT for UniFi !!) :

Ralink AP/Router SoC Information:


Board detail (Source from HERE)


" A 500 MHz Ralink RT3662F SoC serves double duty as the main CPU and 5 GHz radio, while the Ralink RT3092 to its left provides the 2.4 GHz radio. A Realtek RTL8367 provides the four-port Gigabit switch and the single Gigabit WAN port. 128 MB of RAM and 8 MB of flash complete the design.

Note that while ASUS doesn't spec it, my tests revealed that the Gigabit switch passed 4K jumbo frames just fine. And the RTL8367 spec sheet confirms that it "supports 9216-byte jumbo packet length forwarding at wire speed".

Note that both radios feed a single set of three printed-circuit dual-band antennas. ASUS told me the 2.4 GHz radio uses two antennas (2T2R) and the 5 GHz radio uses three (2T3R) for a bit more receive gain. "




User-friendly setup main screen, noticed the dual-band 2.4 & 5GHz and Media Server option available on this unit.

I downloaded the latest firmware (released in May'11) and perform firmware upgrade.


Quick dual-band wireless setup



Change the device's admin password


Support 2 x USB2, plug-in a 640GB Seagate Ext HDD for network sharing, detected within few seconds.


Support UPNP feature for media player or game console


Dual-band wireless rate on ACER TM8371G laptop with built-in Intel® WiFi Link 5100 adapter

Look at the 5GHz band !! Surprised



Check out the following Passmark Performance Test by Surprised

Source: (page 5~7)

Read Bjorn3D's conclusion HERE !!


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Check out Padavan's custom firmware for this black diamond !



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