ASUS Product News

It was my pleasure to meet ASUS Product Manager Richard from Taiwan together with Kenneth around mid Sep'11 Smile
After some casual talk, Richard, a very nice guy, courtesy brief me on some up-coming new products which is expected to launch soon.
Honestly, I was quite surprised and excited to see yet another series of new "black & sexy" looking routers, furthermore there will be new UI for the firmware ! Surprised

Read on .....



DSL-N55U - Dual Band for ADSL !!

Dual band with 2xUSB for ADSL-base router, nice design with matte surface feel, combination of the current RT-N56 spec with the RT-N16 antenna power, cool !! Cool






Single band with 1 USB, almost the same design with RT-N56U, probably the upgrade for current RT-N13 series ?! Wink
The new design can either stand, sleep or even hang on wall/cabinet, nice !




RT-N66U Dark Knight - Double 450Mbps !!

And here comes the knight ....Surprised
Speechless, I must admit, this will be 1 of my must-have item !! Tongue out



I was told these new products will be in Malaysian started as early as Oct/Nov, stay tuned for more update !



ASUS has also enhanced the current firmware with new UI and features, information courtesy from Richard.
Again, black on black, really cool ! Cool


New real-time traffic monitor !

New QoS engine ! Laughing





The implementation of new UI will be on all new products and some selective current models, expected release schedule as follow:

RT-N66U (new) - Oct/2011
RT-N56U (current) - Nov or Dec/2011
RT-N53/N15U (new) - Nov or Dec/2011
RT-N16 (current) - Jan or Feb/2012
RT-N13U/N12/N10+ (current) - Jan or Feb/2012

Furthermore, there will also be new custom UniFi firmware available 1 or 2 months later after the respective schedule above, this is really good news for UniFi users ! Smile
Stay tuned for more update later on .....


Latest update on the availability in Malaysia & custom UniFi firmware:

RT-N53 ~Nov'11 (UniFi ~Dec'11)
DSL-N55U ~Nov'11  (for ADSL like Streamyx, not UniFi)
RT-N15U & RT-N66U ~Dec'11 (UniFi ~Jan'12)