Test - Beta Firmware  (5~7Nov'11)


After some users and also my feedback to ASUS regarding the device hang after torrenting wirelessly, ASUS released another beta firmware on 5Nov'11. According to ASUS engineer, it fixes quite some bugs/issues including overall wireless stability.

I personally tested this beta firmware during the weekend 5~7Nov'11 result as per following, with the primary objective to test torrenting wirelessly.


I performed another clean flash & setup accordingly, the device connected as follow on my UniFi VIP5 :

I use one of my old laptop, a Toshiba Tecra M2V installed with the latest LinuxMint-11-LXDE OS & qBittorrent BT client, start moderate torrenting wirelessly as follows.

To preserve some bandwidth, I set both download & upload limit to 450KiB/s

Started with a 4.4GB torrent, full speed.

Done, another 4.4GB torrent.

Done, add another 2 torrents (2.7 & 5 GB) before went to bed .....

Done, another 13GB torrenting before going out for lunch & Sunday shopping .......

Done, another 3.3GB torrent ......

Done, don't know what else to download, simply grab another 5GB torrent.....

After more than 2 days, total more than 33GB downloaded and 38GB uploaded, no disconnection or hang situation, wireless still running strong.
Honestly I'm running out of torrents to download ...... smilie

I setup some simple queue with priority set for web & xbox, tested web browsing & xbox360 online while running the above torrenting, I'm surprised there is no lag or delay whatsoever! smilie

There is no disconnection or hang or any hiccup, still the same IP connected as follows:

Some 13 devices connected, ranging from PCs, laptops, mobile phone, NASs, MediaPlayer, LED TV, etc ......

For more than 2 days already, still running .....


After reported the above, I purposely "Pause & Renew" the WAN IP to continue test further ........

New IP

No problem at all after more than 4 days! Smile

Total torrenting wirelessly, device no hang ! Wink

Overall, to me, this beta firmware is definitely better than those previously released, thanks to ASUS team for another great work again ! smilie



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