ASUS RP-AC68U DualBand AC1900 WiFi AP/MediaBridge/Repeater  

MIMO 3T3R (3x3:3 @2.4GHz ~600Mbps) 3T4R (4x4:3 @5GHz ~1300Mbps), 4 Internal Antenna
5 Gigabits Ports, 1x USB3 Port

RealTek RTL8194AR Radio

Consider this device if you need to setup Access Point (AP), Media Bridge Link or Repeater to extend wireless coverage smile

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Information & reference :

A nice looking squarish box design device, good plastic material with some lining pattern design complete in matte feel, power up with optional LED lights around (by touching the ASUS logo) looks cool !! cool !!


Wireless Performance Test - Access Point (AP) Mode :

Wireless Performance Test - Media Bridge Link Mode :